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MAKE UP FOR EVER One Day Intensive Course

I bought a one day intensive makeup course with Make Up For Ever on a Groupon/City Deal for €79 which was a massive discount off their ‘voucher value price’ of €255.  I attended this course on Tuesday 30th August and thought I would do a review of it.

The one-day intensive course, which should in reality be entitled a 4-hour course kicked off at 10:00 a.m. in MUFE store, which is located on Clarendon Street in Dublin 2.  The training room is set up at the back of the store behind black velvet curtains, which incidentally don’t block out the sound of the hoover going or staff shouting in the store over said hoover.   There were 12 of us on the course, all booked with a Groupon voucher from what I could ascertain and it was a mixed group aged between 20 and 50.  Some were there with friends; there was a mum and daughter duo (what a lovely thing to do with your mum!!) and a few Billy-no-mates, like myself.   We were set up 2 to a station and I ended up beside a lovely lady from Wexford.  It was a friendly room, and Lauren who took the class was very competent and sweet.  I had a few gripes, and yeah okay I’ll admit that I’m a fussy tart about details of comfort but it did annoy me that there were 2 different height chairs for students, I ended up on one of the really high ones, which meant I had to bend down into the mirror set up on the counter to see myself in it.  We are talking the kind of high that means you are looking into your own crotch all day!! Read the rest of this entry »


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What I’d Save If My Make Up Table Was On Fire!

If your makeup table was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would it be?  Now, before I get attacked for not saving the kids, the dog, the cat, the wedding album etc.from a burning building, take that as given, I mean if just your make up table or dressing table caught fire, what would you save?

I did consider saving my brushes, because I’ve spent so much on them and would be lost without them now, but I finally settled on my Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Collector set of 25 absolutely fabulous waterproof crayons.  I feel like a small girl again when I look at these, they’s are like the prefect set of markers or crayons you got as a present before your little sister lost/broke/destroyed them on you, or the dog decided they looked good enough to eat!  Warning…  the next image is serious make up porn!! Read the rest of this entry »


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Golden Days Now Autumns Here! Simple Eye Shadow Looks Using Gold

I’m really loving gold recently so much so I feel like standing up and saying ‘Hi, I’m Fiona, and I have a gold make up problem’.  I buy it, and look at it like Golum and his infamous ring, feeling it’s too precious to use or I won’t have the occasion to wear it.

So in response to Aine who took part in my MAC Golden Gaze give away, and asked me to do some gold eyeshadow looks using Golden Gaze, I thought I would show some looks using others golds instead, just in case you don’t get your hands on the lovely Golden Gaze.

Gold to me is usually an occasion colour but I really wanted to do a day time look with them, something really simple, quick to do, and easy to wear.  I’d love to have had a young model to work on to do these, as the quality of my eyelid skin is not great for shimmery eyeshadows, that’s age for you!!  I did a Gold and Green and a Gold and Pink eye shadow look. Read the rest of this entry »


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Make Up For Ever Bargain!!!

I recently purchased a lovely set of 5 lipsticks from Make Up For Ever on ebay from Class Makeup 1.  While Class Makeup 1 they don’t say they are the Make Up For Ever store, Class Makeup 1 only sell Make Up For Ever and face 2 product and is delivered from Clarendon Street, so it obviously is from the Make Up For Ever store in Dublin, so I reckon you can buy with confidence.

I won the lipstick set on a bid for €18, (that’s just €3.60 for a quality lipstick!) which included free delivery in Ireland (you can ‘buy it now’ for €25) The 5 lipsticks arrived really quickly and were delivered in a cute little Make Up For Ever plastic zip bag along side a face2 lip brush, the brush is a really nice quality and folds away inside itself, you can never have enough of these in my opinion.  So what exactly did I win?

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Revlon ColorStay V’s Make Up Forever Mat Velvet +

Revlon ColorStay verus Make Up Forever Mat Velvet +Revlon ColorStay is quite often compared to Make Up Forever Mat Velvet +, I own and wear both foundations and thought I would do a review comparing the two.  For the review I’ve used Revlon ColorStay in Sand Beige (180) and Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + (30) as the colours are quite similar.  I wouldn’t ordinarily wear these shades as they are a tiny bit too dark for me unless I have a small bit of fake tan on.

Price:  Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + €36 for 30ml.  Revlon ColorStay also in 30ml bottle is usually €17.50 but from time to time it is on offer for €13.50, so keep an eye out for this offer.  I wouldn’t pay €17.50, but for €13.50 that makes it a great buy in my opinion.

Texture: Both have a similar texture and are quick to dry. Be careful around the eye area as both can settle into fine lines and wrinkles ensure you apply a light eye cream first.  Both are good if you have oily/combination skin, but avoid if your skin is at all dry.  Revlon ColorStay also comes in a normal/combination formulation but it’s not great for dry skin either. Read the rest of this entry »


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Face Sculpting

I do love a bit of contouring and sculpting to highlight and define features it can really make a dramatic difference to the perceived shape of your face.

Take inspiration from Kim Kardashian who is undoubtedly the queen of sculpting and use a lighter coloured powder for highlighting or for bringing forward areas of your face such as cheeks, forehead, tip of chin etc.. and use a darker powder on areas you want to receed e.g. cheek hollows, jaw line, breath or width of nose etc. where ever it’s needed, all depending on the shape of your face and characteristics of your features.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Makeup Forever Face & Body Foundation Review

I absolutely love MUFE Face & Body and it is my go to foundation on a daily basis.  It is so light and fresh and delivers a nice healthy natural glow to my skin.  It blends really well and the coverage is buildable if you allow time between ‘coats’ and don’t rush it.  It’s staying power is pretty good, although it wouldn’t bring me through from day to night. Read the rest of this entry »


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