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Model Sues Estee Lauder for $2m

It’s all over the internet that model Caroline Louise Forsling is suing Estée Lauder for $2 million after they used her photograph to promote Plantscription, an anti-aging skin-care product for women between 45 and 60 years old without her permission. Apparently Forsling who is reported to be only 35 claims she didn’t know that the test shot taken, while she was wearing minimal makeup, would ever be used. The advert shows Forsling in a before and after shot – the after shot is photoshopped as Forsling never used the product. Her lawyers are demanding damages for Estée Lauder’s ‘false advertising and deceptive acts’, as well as a court order ‘barring defendants from any unauthorised use of Forsling’s image or likeness. Read more in The Huffington Post.

If you are a reader of my blog then you’ll know my view on photoshopping and advertising that lies to us. Personally I don’t much care if she did or did not know, that’s for the courts to decide but what I think is disgusting is that (a) the product was aimed at 45 – 60 year olds and Forsling is only 35.  Could they not have found a model that was at least 45? And most disgusting of all (b) she never used the product so the after is a complete fallacy.   For shame Estee Lauder!

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Bridal Makeup Looks

If you are looking for some inspiration for bridal makeup looks I would recommend you visit Estee Lauder’s website that shows 4 beautiful looks for your special day; natural, classic, dramatic, and romantic.

I have a real and genuine love of Estee Lauder when it comes to bridal makeup.  For my own wedding, instead of hiring a makeup artist I decided to do my own, like a lot of people do.  So I visited a few makeup counters and booked some makeovers, letting the SA know that if I was happy with the look and advice I was going to buy all my wedding makeup from them.  I settled on Estee Lauder, I think it was DoubleWear that sealed the deal for me at the time!  Enjoy trying out the Estee Lauder bridal looks!

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