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Bad Case of VCL (visible contour line) for Lindsay Lohan

Bad Case of Visible Contour Line! (Images from you are definitely going to want to photo-shop that image!  Lindsay Lohan photographed on Lake Como on 26th September modeling for designer Philipp Plein.

Never mind Philip Plein clothing, this could have been a photo shoot to campaign for the continuing real need for images to be photo shopped or perhaps for a campaign extolling the evils of contouring makeup and calling for it to be banned.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love a bit of contouring, Lord knows it’s the only way I look like I have cheek bones at all, but this is awful. Now, I’m not having a pop at Lindsay, poor Lindsay has her own problems, no, the blame for this lands squarely at the feet of the makeup artist who performed this VCL atrocity.

Just because the majority of images printed are photo shopped, I don’t think that is enough of an excuse for that type of heavy handed makeup.  It might be alright on a closed private shoot but Lindsay was bound to be papped looking like this, I’d be calling for the surrender of the makeup artists brushes!!


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Sarah Harding – Shouldn’t be ‘Aloud’

Sarah Harding The Look Magazine Fashion Show Sept 2011

Back in the day, I always thought that Sarah Harding was perhaps the best looking member of Girls Aloud, she had a natural beauty and radiance, so I was a bit perplexed to see this shot of her modelling at The Look Magazine fashion show on 19th September at Westfield Stratford City sporting red hair and a matching orange-red tan!  The orange outfit just adds to the overall orange lunacy!!  And in case you think it’s a trick of the camera, check out the skin colour and tone of the people sitting in the audience behind her.

At only 29 years old, Sarah Harding is undoubtedly a beautiful girl but I think the red hair and the orange red tan are very aging on her.  But no one could accuse her of being boring with her hair, she also had black hair at one stage. I’ve got to say I wasn’t a fan of that look on her and I thought she looked like Janice Dickinson or some other well preserved 56 year old with a penchant for a heavy tan and surgery!

I do love the fact she’s daring with her hair colour, even if I think she looked way better as a blonde, but please just put the spray tan gun down Sarah, and back away!!


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Airbrush Game of Who’s Who

It was nice to see that Grazia Magazine finally fessed up this week to the awful airbrushing work done to Kate Middleton, really that was disgraceful, but as usual it got me thinking about airbrushing AGAIN!  We all know there is a lot of airbrushing work done to enhance the images of the faces and bodies we see in magazines and while I am loath, and a bit ashamed to say it, a lot of the time I just accept it.

But what I can’t accept is when someone has been photoshopped beyond recognition and into a different reality e.g. Kate Middleton with ‘kidneys removed’,  so just for fun I’ve put together a little group of 3 images all taken from 2011 editions of W Magazine, purely coincidental they all come from one source I might add, but I’m deeply disturbed!!

Can you guess who these lovely looking ladies are?  Click on the image to reveal their true identities.

Starlet No. 1 Airbrush Much??

Starlet No. 2 This one's a real humdinger!! BTW it's NOT Cheryl Cole

Starlet No. 3 hasn't looked like this in years!

Did you guess them all correctly?


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Would You Paint Your Tongue To Match Your Lipstick?

In the new Jessie J video ‘who’s laughing now’ Jessie plays several characters, a very sexy librarian type school teacher with the most amazing horn rimmed glasses, and canteen dinner lady with heaps of gold jewelry that would put Mr T to shame, and a cleaner minus makeup and sporting a large mop of curly hair, honestly you wouldn’t know it was Jessie J.  But I had to do a double take in the scenes were Jessie J ‘plays’ her adult self, her tongue is bright pink, I mean seriously vivid cerise pink.

Coordinating Lips and Tongue!!!

Now I don’t know if Jessie has been slurping down raspberry Mr. Freeze cool pops or if there is something else at play, but the fact that her tongue matches her lipstick so perfectly looks like a conscious deliberate act.  No ones tongue is that colour ordinarily.  I wonder what she used to do it, food colouring perhaps???  It’s an interesting look to match your tongue to your lipstick?  Do you think it will catch on?

Regarding the song itself, I like it but I can’t help thinking it sounds like a coup of chickens at the start. 🙂 Check out Jessie J’s video on youtube and see just how crazy pink her tongue is towards the end of the video.


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Angelina Jolie Au Naturel? What A Bare Face Lie!

(click to enlarge)

Following on from the recent controversy of the Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington airbrushed campaigns.  I was reminded of an article I read in a magazine at the hair dressers back in June, that featured Angeline Jolie ‘wearing no makeup’ in the Louis Vuitton campaign shot in Cambodia.  Looking at the photo staring back at me and I completely dismissed it as pure madness, and thought the author was deluded to say the least, but reckoned that they were probably only reporting on a press release rather than offering their own opinion. So I put it to the back of my mind.  But I’ve read it again since in the Malay Mail and had to have a closer look for myself.

So off I went on the hunt for an ‘au naturel’ shot of Angelina.  I have got to say it’s really difficult to find a picture of Angelina without any makeup she’s usually sporting a large pair of sunglasses making it difficult to really see her face, she also does a really good line in natural looking makeup too, but I struggled to find a shot of her without makeup. There are very few images of Angelina looking rough, I guess that’s why she’s considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.  I had begun to think, ah now come on you’re just being a jealous mare, face it she’s just stunningly beautiful, and looks fantastic with out makeup on.  But just as I had almost resigned myself to the frustratingly annoying fact that it must be true she was wearing no makeup I came across the 10 minute video of the ‘LV journey’ featuring Angelina, at 9:01 there is footage of Angelina being shot for the LV campaign.   The video is also on the Louis Vuitton website.

So is she wearing makeup?  Yes! And yes it’s stunning and amazingly beautiful in a completely understated way.  Is it Au Naturel?  No!  Lets not forget that Au Naturel means nude or in a natural state.   I think it is complete nonsense to say that she’s not wearing makeup or to even say she’s au naturel.   She totally is wearing makeup, and anyone who says she is not, in my opinion is a bare faced liar – end of!  Now can we all get back to reality please?

By the way, she apparently also wore her own clothes (not sure why that seems to be news worthy but there you go!!) and that’s her own LV bag in the shot, ah poor Angelina, given she’s donating her fee to charity you’d think Louis would have thrown another handbag her way for her trouble!!

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Effective Concealer or Just Gaga!

Photo by

Oh my, Lady Gaga is just so much fun!!  I nearly fell off my seat laughing when I saw this particular look of hers (photographed in New York 18th July 2011).  That’s a heck of a lot of leather and lace, in fact it’s all a bit gimp-ish, I’m thinking ‘bring out the gimp’ from Pulp Fiction.  It’s just way too much for my little brain to process with any seriousness.

Okay so we have all had days when we’d rather pull the duvet over our heads but I’ve yet to be tempted to pull my tights over my head and go out and strut my stuff!!  An effective zit concealer perhaps but not exactly office friendly 😉 x

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Going For Gold

Emma Watson - London PremierEmma Watson looked so amazing at both the London and NY premiers of the latest and last Harry Potter movie recently.  The subtle gold eye makeup at the NY premier was nice but her eye makeup at the London premier was very dramatic and intense and fabulous for the red carpet, regretfully something most of us will never walk, but for a night out just forget the added gold leaf look at the outer corners for a more toned down version, it should still be just as dramatic for us mere mortals.  You could try NXY jumbo eye pencil in Gold, or indeed any gold eyeshadow that suits your skin tone (point being is to consider yellow golds or rose golds, depending on what suits you) at the inner corners of the eye, bring it along the lower lash line and slightly up into the upper eyelid, keep it at the corners to ensure the highlight is focused on brightening and enlivening your eyes.  To prevent your eyes looking like pieces of coal in the snow, sweep black eyeshadow across the entire eyelid and wing it out and upwards, a warm highlight placed at the outer brow bone adds to the depth of the look.  Line eyes with black eyeliner along the lash line both top and bottom and of course sweep on lashings of black mascara, loaded on to the top and bottom lashes to add even more drama.  Love it!

Between the premier in London and her make up on the cover of US vogue, Emma Watson is rapidly becoming someone whose makeup I really like and admire.

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