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How To ‘Fit’ an Inglot Eye Shadow Pan into a MAC Palette

I did a review on some Inglot eye shadows I bought and as I like to keep my eyeshadows in as few a palettes as possible, I thought I would share how I stored these new eye shadows.  So if you, like me, didn’t want to buy the Inglot palette and have an unfilled MAC palette at home, then your new best friend is magnetic tape. You can get this in most craft, hobby or art shops. This magnetic tape comes on a roll and is easy to tear off. It has one sticky side and is magnetized on the other.  I think I paid about €5 for it and have it an absolute age as you use very little of it at a time.

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MAC Giveaway Winners

Thank you to everyone who took part in my 10,000 visit MAC giveaway which has now ended, the winners were, as selected by (I attributed everyone a number and picked the numbers 2 and 33, that’s about as scientific as it gets around here!!) and they were ….

Liz and Emer.

Congratulations ladies I’ll contact you via email for your postal address, I’m sure you’ll look fabulous and rock golden gaze.

Thank you to all you lovely people for visiting my blog and commenting it means so much to me.

I will be having more giveaways in the future so check back from time to time. x


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Win!!! MAC Semi-Precious Golden Gaze – 10,000 Celebration Giveaway [ENDED!!]


I’m so super excited that I’ve reached over 10,000 visits on my little blog over the last three months that I’m celebrating with my very first give away!!  I’m giving away MAC semi precious Mineralize eye shadow in Golden Haze.  This colour is pretty much sold out everywhere and I have two of these little beauties to give away.

To get your hands on one of these gorgeous eyeshadows, all you have to do is:

(1) leave a comment


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Cruelty Free Foundation – MAC Studio Sculpt

Mac Studio Sculpt foundationsSince writing about animal testing for cosmetics I have been trying to find more cruelty free makeup both for person and professional use, I delved into my makeup kit and came out with MAC Studio Sculpt, one of a frankly ridiculous amount of foundations I own.  MAC are listed on the USA PETA site as not being tested on animals but aren’t on the UK site, I can only imagine that this might because MAC products are made across the world, in Italy, France, Japan, etc. and perhaps the products made in the USA by MAC are not tested on animals.  I can’t get a clear picture on this, this is just my estimation, if you know for sure, let me know.  Anyway MAC Studio Sculpt is made in the USA so I reckon I’m safe from a cruelty free perspective.  While I have this product in my kit it’s not one that I have worn too often.  So I thought I’d revisit it and do a bit of a review.

Understanding MAC Foundation Codes: Just a quick note on NC and NW codes used by MAC for those of you who are unfamiliar with them, NC is Neutral Cool and is for skin with yellow undertones and NW is Neutral Warm and is for skin with pink undertones.   Read the rest of this entry »


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