Golden Days Now Autumns Here! Simple Eye Shadow Looks Using Gold

18 Aug

I’m really loving gold recently so much so I feel like standing up and saying ‘Hi, I’m Fiona, and I have a gold make up problem’.  I buy it, and look at it like Golum and his infamous ring, feeling it’s too precious to use or I won’t have the occasion to wear it.

So in response to Aine who took part in my MAC Golden Gaze give away, and asked me to do some gold eyeshadow looks using Golden Gaze, I thought I would show some looks using others golds instead, just in case you don’t get your hands on the lovely Golden Gaze.

Gold to me is usually an occasion colour but I really wanted to do a day time look with them, something really simple, quick to do, and easy to wear.  I’d love to have had a young model to work on to do these, as the quality of my eyelid skin is not great for shimmery eyeshadows, that’s age for you!!  I did a Gold and Green and a Gold and Pink eye shadow look.

1. Gold and Green Eye Shadow

What I used:

  1. Urban Decay Primer Potion all over my eyelids
  2. MUFE No. 35 (cream eyeshadow base colour) applied all over my lids
  3. Inglot Pearl 404 and 406 (golds) 404 all over eye lid and brought down into inner corners top and bottom, 406 towards outer corners and into crease
  4. ELF palette Green (moss green) brushed into crease and blended up into arched shape following the line of my eyebrow.  Bring green eyeshadow along the lower lash line about 3/4 of the way.  Take the llight golden cream and place it as a highlight along the brow bone.
  5. No. 7 Metallic pencil in 07 Camouflage and MUFE waterproof eyeliner pencil 10L, placed along lower and upper lash lines.
  6. Gel eyeliner in black – Clinique gel eyeliner
  7. Black eyeliner along waterline, top and bottom – Bourjois Black
  8. Finish off with mascara.  False lashes would make this look really strong, but I’m not a fan personally as I tend to be bit allergic to eyelash glue.

Here’s some swatches of the colours used:

Eye Shadow Left to right: Inglot Pearl 404, Pearl 406, ELF 32 Palette

The colour payoff on the Inglot golds is really good, I particularly like the 406 as it’s more bronze gold.  The ELF palette I got free ages ago as a gift with purchase and never used until now, the moss green is quite nice and has a slight gold fleck in it.   While some of the shadows in the palette are great there’s quite a few that are frankly rubbish.  I didn’t swatch the MUFE No. 35 as it just doesn’t show up with my cheapo camera.

Eyeliners: MUFE 10L (L) and No. 7 Camouflage (R)

So that’s the Gold and Green look, sorry I don’t have a looking down photo, I forgot to do them!!!  Next time I’ll remember.

2. Gold and Pink Eye Shadow.  

I love the mix of gold and pink, although I think I would have preferred this to have been darker on the pink, perhaps more towards plum, that said deep plum might make it more of an evening look.

What did I use:

  1. Urban Decay Primer Potion all over my eyelids
  2. MUFE No. 35 (cream eyeshadow base colour) applied all over my lids
  3. Inglot Pearl 404 and 406 (golds) 404 all over eye lid and 406 towards outer corners.
  4. Inglot AMC 75 into the crease and blended up towards eyebrows, overlay with Inglot 452 Pearl (darker pink) and blend and blend some more.
  5. MUFE 10L (dark gold) along the entire lower lash line, MUFE 18L and 4L on lower lash line at outer corner
  6. ELF liquid eyeliner in plum along upper lash line
  7. Max Factor Master Piece Beyond Length, black applied first and then tipped with bronze gold along the bottom lashes (not sure I like this bronzed mascara, it’s fun but doesn’t really do much for me)

Here’s some swatches and close up look at what I used, eye shadows first, all from Inglot with the exception of MUFE No. 35 which doesn’t swatch and photograph very well so I didn’t show it:

Right to Left: Inglot Pearl 404, 406, 452, AMC 75

Eye liners used on lower lash line (sorry the photo is a bit on the blurry side!!)

MUFE waterproof eyeliners 10L, 18L, 4L

Mascara and eyeliner (used on upper lash line)

Left: Max Factor Mascara (Bronze Gold) Right: Elf Plum Liquid Eyeliner

So there you have it, two very quick and easy to do golden eye shadow looks.

A Gold and navy/blue/deep aqua eyeshadow combo would be nice, particularly if you had brown eyes.

To go with this Autumns hot trends, try combinations of jewel tones with gold.  Have you tried any golds yet this Autumn?


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4 responses to “Golden Days Now Autumns Here! Simple Eye Shadow Looks Using Gold

  1. Áine

    August 20, 2011 at 6:57 pm

    yay, thanks so much for doing the post, I ike finding out new things to do with shadows!Áine

  2. themakeupgal

    August 21, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    Cheers Áine, I’ve not done makeup looks before on my blog, it was fun to do. x

  3. Dee

    August 22, 2011 at 4:25 am

    that is so beautiful! can’t wait for more autumn makeup tips 🙂


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