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Fake benefit Products

fake benefit productFirst up how to spot fake benefit the POREfessional product, well this is quite simple although you might want a magnifying glass to really see it.  The benefit logo has no dot over the letter ‘i’, rather instead the upper part of the ‘f’ hangs over the letter ‘i’ making it look like there is a dot, but there isn’t one.   How do I know this, well I got duped into buying a fake benefit product, grr…I thought I’d be alright with an Irish seller, but no.  My only saving grace was that the box is genuine!! LOL.  But I forgot my own rule of only buying what I could see, there was no photograph of the actual product.  Thankfully I only paid €7 including postage so it’s really not about the money, it’s about how it makes you feel like a fool!! Read the rest of this entry »

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