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Super Drug MUA Lipstick Review

I love a bit of lippy and was when I saw the super cheap range of MUA (Make Up Academy) lipsticks available at Super Drug, I had to get them. There are 13 shades in the range, none of them have names they are listed by number 1 to 13.  I paid €1.05 for each one, so with 13 in the range that’s a super reasonable €13.65. Sure you’d have to buy them all for that price, even just to play with. They are slightly smaller at 3.8g than the standard lipstick size of 4g.

The pigments are okay.  The range of colours is good, with only one or two really dodgy ones, I’m not sure where or when you would wear shade 4 or 5, perhaps handy to have for fancy dress? Some of them are slightly shimmery, notably 5, 10 and 12.    My favourite shade is 11, I wear it a lot during the day, it doesn’t look much in the swatch but there’s a hint of coral in it that is quite natural looking when on.

These are nice soft and creamy lipsticks, In terms of longevity, I get about 3 hours out it before it needs reapplication but then again I’m not much of a ‘lip licker’ or ‘face toucher’ so I tend to get longer out of product that some people I know. In fact at times they feel more like a heavily coloured lipgloss. Read the rest of this entry »


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Make Up For Ever Bargain!!!

I recently purchased a lovely set of 5 lipsticks from Make Up For Ever on ebay from Class Makeup 1.  While Class Makeup 1 they don’t say they are the Make Up For Ever store, Class Makeup 1 only sell Make Up For Ever and face 2 product and is delivered from Clarendon Street, so it obviously is from the Make Up For Ever store in Dublin, so I reckon you can buy with confidence.

I won the lipstick set on a bid for €18, (that’s just €3.60 for a quality lipstick!) which included free delivery in Ireland (you can ‘buy it now’ for €25) The 5 lipsticks arrived really quickly and were delivered in a cute little Make Up For Ever plastic zip bag along side a face2 lip brush, the brush is a really nice quality and folds away inside itself, you can never have enough of these in my opinion.  So what exactly did I win?

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How to Get Emma’s Look – That’s Elementary Dear Watson!

Emma Watson sure does look a million dollars on the cover of American Vogue.  So how do you get Emma’s look on the cheap, well that’s elementary dear Watson!

It’s a simple look that’s all about intense deep plum red lips and nails, and matching them together.  Not a traditional summer look but given the dreary weather in Ireland at the moment, it sure feels like winter, so I say go for it!  And it’s a pretty cool look for a night out.

Lips:  Try Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Starry Eyed for €6.55.  Lash on a few coats of this stuff and top it off with a clear lipgloss.  You can see from the swatches (see below) that it gets more intense the more you apply, well it is only €6.55!!

I’m sure there are others but it’s the only ‘drug store’ brand I found that came close to what Emma’s wearing on the cover of Vogue.

Rimmel say it lasts up to 8 hours, I didn’t think it did. Mind you I’m sure there’s a right way and a wrong way to wear it.  It might last if you decide not to eat or drink anything unless it can be consumed through a straw for 8 hours.  That said I love the colour and it doesn’t feel dry at all like some long wear lipsticks.

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Maybe it’s Maybelline or Maybe it Smells Funny?

I’m in a bit of pickle with this lipstick, I want to like it but I’m not sure?

Here’s my thinking:

On the plus side: 

  1. I love the colour, and the range is quite broad with several shades of Pinks, plums, reds, nudes, and pearl colours. Check them out online at
  2. The Colour staying power is good and lasts for hours without wearing off in a funny way – you know how sometimes longwearing lipsticks after a few hours can make you look like a 4 year old that just eaten an ice pop (that’s popsicle to our American sisters – I think?).  Well no danger of that here.
  3. I like the see through coloured plastic holder – quite pretty. Read the rest of this entry »

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Backstage at YSL: No Lip, Please

I am completely in love with the pared back look at the YSL fall 2011 show, read about how it came to be at ‘Backstage at YSL: No Lip, Please‘.  ‘Eyes were softly defined with brown shadow (Eyeshadow Duo in No. 1 Heavenly Beige-Astral Brown) and brown mascara (Volume Effets Faux Cils in No. 2 Rich Brown), then brows were pumped up and slightly darkened with pencil and powder. And it took a mix of three lip colors—Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in No. 10 Beige Tribute, Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in No. 36 Coral Legend (out this fall), and Golden Gloss in No. 11 Golden Whisper—to create the fleshy pink lips.’

A difficult look to pull off if your skin is not perfect, particularly in the harsh Irish winter months, but it’s so lovely to see such fresh natural looking beauty.  Got to give it a go!


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