Revlon ColorStay V’s Make Up Forever Mat Velvet +

16 Jun

Revlon ColorStay verus Make Up Forever Mat Velvet +Revlon ColorStay is quite often compared to Make Up Forever Mat Velvet +, I own and wear both foundations and thought I would do a review comparing the two.  For the review I’ve used Revlon ColorStay in Sand Beige (180) and Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + (30) as the colours are quite similar.  I wouldn’t ordinarily wear these shades as they are a tiny bit too dark for me unless I have a small bit of fake tan on.

Price:  Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + €36 for 30ml.  Revlon ColorStay also in 30ml bottle is usually €17.50 but from time to time it is on offer for €13.50, so keep an eye out for this offer.  I wouldn’t pay €17.50, but for €13.50 that makes it a great buy in my opinion.

Texture: Both have a similar texture and are quick to dry. Be careful around the eye area as both can settle into fine lines and wrinkles ensure you apply a light eye cream first.  Both are good if you have oily/combination skin, but avoid if your skin is at all dry.  Revlon ColorStay also comes in a normal/combination formulation but it’s not great for dry skin either.

Application:  Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + I find a foundation brush is best and you don’t need to be speedy Gonzales to apply it.  However I find I have to wear a primer first or it settles into pores/crease and can look gross.

Revlon ColorStay:  Well you do need the reflexes of Zorro for this one, so apply to only one area at time and work quickly.  I’ve found the best method of application is to use a slightly damp sponge spread it on with the sponge and use a stippling motion to work it in, this gives you a bit more time, it also helps prevent it looking too heavy, which is a common complaint.  I can get away without wearing a primer if I have to with this foundation.

Smell: Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + has a light fragrance and is not nearly as strong as their Face & Body foundation.   Revlon ColorStay has an odd smell, which I’ve heard some people don’t like, but I do.

Bottle:  Make Up Forever Mat Velvet comes in a plastic squeezy bottle with a nozzle at the top.  Revlon ColorStay is a glass bottle with an open top.  I really wish Revlon ColorStay had a pump, it would make it more hygienic.

Colour Range: Revlon ColorStay has a limited range of colours making it difficult for some people to find their shade,  compared to Make Up Forever who have a fantastic range of shades for all skin colours.

SPF: Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + has none, Revlon ColorStay has SPF 6

Staying power: I’ve worn both on my face at the one time (one half Revlon ColorStay, one half Make Up Forever Mat Velvet +) For me Revlon ColorStay wins in terms of staying power, it lasts longer and stays looking fresh longer. Both are water resistant, I rubbed water into both and nothing came off  (see swatches, you’ll just have to trust me that I did rub that water in).  They both also are resistant to rubbing, which is great if you have a cold!  Make Up Forever after about 4 hours needs touching up, compared to Revlon ColorStay which will go for about 8 hours + before needing attention.  For me Revlon ColorStay is the Duracell bunny of these two foundations.

Animal Testing: I cannot say for sure if Make Up Forever is tested on animals or not, they use to say on their website that they hadn’t tested on animals in the last 10 years, but I can’t see that listed there now.

Revlon ColourStay is not tested on animals, big thumbs up here!!

Revlon ColorStay and Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + water test before & afterOverall:

If you can park any brand snobbery you may have, Revlon ColorStay in terms of performance is a better product in my opinion, and for me that’s what a long wear foundation is all about.  Don’t get me wrong Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + is lovely and has many fine qualities over Revlon ColorStay but it ain’t all that and a bag of chips!!!



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2 responses to “Revlon ColorStay V’s Make Up Forever Mat Velvet +

  1. Angie

    April 18, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    I have sensitive skin. I used Revlon Color Stay and broke out everywhere. It took 3 months to clear up. I used it about 3 times in one week. I use MUFE Mat Velvet everyday. Id did not change my routine other than changinf my foundation so I am convinced it was the Revelon Color Stay. I think it’s to heavy.

    • themakeupgal

      April 18, 2012 at 7:03 pm

      Poor you Angie! That really sucks, there’s nothing worse than when a product does that to you! I can’t wear any MAC foundations they make me break out in big angry lumps under my skin, and like you it took an age for it to clear up completely after wearing it. MUFE has to be one of my favourite brands and I wear MUFE face and body on a daily basis. MUFE matt velvet is lovely, and I love it for night time, and I agree it is lighter than Revlon color stay. The only point I was trying to make in the post was that Revlon Colour stay as a long lasting foundation out performs mat velvet for staying power for me but at the end of the day if you find something that suits you, you should stick to it! x


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