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Make Up For Ever Bargain!!!

I recently purchased a lovely set of 5 lipsticks from Make Up For Ever on ebay from Class Makeup 1.  While Class Makeup 1 they don’t say they are the Make Up For Ever store, Class Makeup 1 only sell Make Up For Ever and face 2 product and is delivered from Clarendon Street, so it obviously is from the Make Up For Ever store in Dublin, so I reckon you can buy with confidence.

I won the lipstick set on a bid for €18, (that’s just €3.60 for a quality lipstick!) which included free delivery in Ireland (you can ‘buy it now’ for €25) The 5 lipsticks arrived really quickly and were delivered in a cute little Make Up For Ever plastic zip bag along side a face2 lip brush, the brush is a really nice quality and folds away inside itself, you can never have enough of these in my opinion.  So what exactly did I win?

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Discount Cosmetics Online Part 2: The Bad


For all the great websites offering genuine discounted cosmetics there are a lot of FAKE SITES, particularly for MAC products.  The quickest way to spot a website selling fake product is to start reading the ‘About us’ pages carefully.  A legitimate site will say that the product is 100% authentic.  Fake sites won’t quote this as they are opening themselves up to fraud.  They tend to make claims about how their product comes from the same factory as X product etc., and they may offer 100% satisfaction, but never 100% authentic product.

Here are just 3 sites that offer ‘replica’ MAC  No where does it say 100% authentic product.  You can also tell it’s not the real deal as it sells a 180 and a 120 eye shadow palette, MAC don’t make these – this is a sure fire give away of imitation product.  Other little things that might alarm you e.g. simple spelling mistakes on tabs e.g. ‘Shippinng’ instead of shipping, no postal address and only a hotmail email address!  Read the rest of this entry »


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Discount Cosmetics Online: Pt 1 – The Good

Given the tough economic times we are in, it’s always a challenge to find good value cosmetics.  There are a number of great online discount cosmetic companies that deliver internationally.  Some of the following I have used myself and some I have just heard good things about:

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Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Me After Makeover

I don’t know the answer to that question but I can tell you this blonde wasn’t having fun today in fact I was a bit bored today, and I wondered what I might look like if I dyed my hair from blonde to brown – well they do say the devil will find work for idle hands to do!!  But I didn’t want to make a costly mistake by actually physically doing it and maybe hating it, I mean I wasn’t that kind of bored!  Anyway I stumbled across and ended up spending 2 hours playing with different looks. Alright, so my face looks soooo ridiculously artificial in the photo and I very much doubt I’d really look anything close to that with dark hair, but it sure was fun to try it on.

It works like this: You sign in, create an account and go into ‘Makeover’ you then upload a photograph of yourself and it allows you to select celebrity hair styles to try on and different makeup looks, it even allows you to whiten your teeth, plump up your lips, change your eye colour with coloured contacts, reshape your eyebrows and a host of other really fun things, and if you really like the make up if also tells you what brand/style/colour you have selected with a link to purchase – okay so the links bring you to sites that are all in the USA but you can take notes on anything you really like and find your local supplier.

It’s so much fun!! I swear, you’ll feel like a five year old in wellington boots jumping in puddles; you just want to keep doing it and you’ll never get tired of it. also has lots of great product reviews and tips and hints on makeup and beauty.

But be warned don’t visit this site when in work unless the boss is out and you have a good bit of time to kill.


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Bridal Makeup Looks

If you are looking for some inspiration for bridal makeup looks I would recommend you visit Estee Lauder’s website that shows 4 beautiful looks for your special day; natural, classic, dramatic, and romantic.

I have a real and genuine love of Estee Lauder when it comes to bridal makeup.  For my own wedding, instead of hiring a makeup artist I decided to do my own, like a lot of people do.  So I visited a few makeup counters and booked some makeovers, letting the SA know that if I was happy with the look and advice I was going to buy all my wedding makeup from them.  I settled on Estee Lauder, I think it was DoubleWear that sealed the deal for me at the time!  Enjoy trying out the Estee Lauder bridal looks!

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Fancy a new makeup look? Need inspiration?

NARS makeup your mind and express your self website showcases a range of different makeup looks, and challenges people to make the look their own and then post a photograph of it to the site for friends and other ‘NARSissist’s’ to vote on it.  It also instructs you on how to create the look and what products to use – very nifty!

It’s a competition which is NOT open to those outside of the USA but it’s worth a nose for some inspiration on different makeup looks, and it’s always interesting to see how different people adapt a look and make it their own!  12 looks in total are featured.  The site is inspired by the book Makeup your Mind: Express Yourself by Francois Nars which is the second book in the series, and rather than featuring models turns the lens on real women and men.

Definitely worth a look!

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