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Say ‘I do’ to Wedding Make Up

The Royals

There’s been a lot of celebrity and royal weddings recently which is fabulous!  Nothing better than checking out the dress, the flowers, the hair and of course the make up.  In the last few months we have seen Kate Middleton, Lily Allen, Charlene Wittstock and Mass Moss all get married.

What strikes me most is that to my mind the most beautiful bride in terms of the dress, hair, and make up was also the saddest looking bride, Charlene Wittstock.  Charlene looked amazing, the dress was stunning and showed off her athletic figure to a tee, and her makeup was the perfect execution of classical timeless bridal beauty and yet sadly she was an unhappy looking bride.   Irrespective of the rumours that abound, there’s no denying she did not look like a woman in love.

I’m not a fan of Kate Middletons eye makeup, neither on her wedding day nor in every photo I see of her, I’m deeply suspicious that it’s tattooed on, to me it looks exactly the same every time – just this Gals opinion.  I don’t think that the black eye liner suits the shape of her eyes in fact it makes them look pokey, but Kate Middleton positively glowed and radiated happiness on her wedding day, a real princess about to marrying her prince, the stuff of childhood fairy tales.  Although in my opinion Kate’s makeup was not as beautiful as Charlenes, Kate made for a more beautiful bride.

The Commoners

So that’s the toffs, but what about the commoners.  Well poor old Lily Allen, I say old but she’s only 26, looked tired (that’s probably the pregnancy) and Kate Moss looked half cut or locked!  (maybe the celebrations started early) I had expected Kate Moss to look better on the makeup front on her wedding day and was looking forward to seeing what she would do.  The dress and hair were very ‘her’, and reflected her personal style which was pretty cool, but the makeup was neither here nor there.  At 37 years old and a heavy smoker I think Kate should have realised that she would have required a bit more makeup to make her look radiant.  I’m sure she would have had access to a string of kick ass makeup artists who would have loved to have done Kate Moss wedding makeup!!

But then again, just like the other Kate she did look happy and in love, which at the end of the day is what your wedding day should be all about.  In complete direct contrast to Charlene Wittstock, I think Kate Moss makeup wise probably looked the worst out of the 4 brides but I think she looked the happiest.

In the end it doesn’t matter if your dress, hair, makeup and flowers are all perfect if you haven’t found your perfect prince!  But come on…I’m sorry dodgy wedding makeup still upsets this Gals makeup sensibilities, sorry I can’t help it!!!


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Already Sleepless Nights for Lily?

Lily Allen, now four months pregnant kept it really simple on the makeup front for her wedding on Saturday 11th June to Sam Cooper, but I think she looked tired and those bags under her eyes would suggest that she is perhaps retaining fluid, probably related to her new pregnancy (poor Lily, I’m sure we all wish her the best for this pregnancy).  But I’m not sure that even Clarins Beauty Flash Balm or YSL Touche Eclat could have helped her here!

I use to think that all you needed to wake up looking fresh was a good nights sleep, limit the salt intake and drink lots of water, bit of eye cream etc. but apparently that’s only part of it.  Aside from the obvious reasons for eye bags like; age, medical conditions, genetic pre-disposition etc. how we lie when we sleep plays a part too.

Lying on your back can encourage fluid to collect and accumulate beneath the eyes and veins dilate making the lower lids look quite dark and puffy.  Then sleeping on your side must be better?  Well yes and no. Read the rest of this entry »


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Bridal Makeup Looks

If you are looking for some inspiration for bridal makeup looks I would recommend you visit Estee Lauder’s website that shows 4 beautiful looks for your special day; natural, classic, dramatic, and romantic.

I have a real and genuine love of Estee Lauder when it comes to bridal makeup.  For my own wedding, instead of hiring a makeup artist I decided to do my own, like a lot of people do.  So I visited a few makeup counters and booked some makeovers, letting the SA know that if I was happy with the look and advice I was going to buy all my wedding makeup from them.  I settled on Estee Lauder, I think it was DoubleWear that sealed the deal for me at the time!  Enjoy trying out the Estee Lauder bridal looks!

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Bridal Makeup Essentials

essental primers and illuminators for bridal makeup

Primers & Illuminators

No matter what look you go for, and no matter how much makeup you usually wear, what brand you like, if you are on a budget or not; there are some essentials items you should have for your wedding day makeup that will help your makeup stay in place, the following are just some of my suggestions, I’m not saying they are any better than others, just my thoughts:

Illuminator: Try Clarins Beauty Flash Balm or Clarins Instant light complexion perfector to eliminate signs of tiredness and refresh your complexion (I recall getting very little sleep the night before my wedding, I has hyper!)

Primer: it’s a long day and you want your makeup to last so a good primer from either Smashbox photo finish, Makeup Forever HD primer, Laura Mercier foundation primer or Clarins Perfecting Touch for example will be your best friend!  Good branded primers range in price from €22 to €30 and are worth every penny in my view.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Kate Middleton Wedding Makeup – 29th April 2011

I think that we would all agree that Kate Middleton is a beautiful woman, and looked stunning as a bride today and while I applaud her for doing her own makeup for her wedding I don’t think that it quite worked.  I don’t question her technic, it looks expertly applied, but it’s a bit heavy on the eye makeup, that’s a lot of black eyeliner!  Blessed as she is with good looks, I would have loved to have seen her eyes done a lot softer, and allow her natural beauty to shine without distraction.  The heavy smokey look is a bit too close to her every day look and lacks a timeless classic beauty that one expects from bridal makeup.

I admire her stance on knowing her own mind and being sure of how she wants to look,  but to my mind it’s really a look of this era and in 20 years time it will probably look a bit iffy.   Hey, each to their own!!!

All that said, she did look beautiful!

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