Face2 Pro Concealer Review

21 Sep

Face2 Pro Palette Concealer

I bought this concealer after attending a make up training day with Make Up For Ever.  Face2 is an ‘own brand’ by the owner of the MUFE store in Dublin and they do a full makeup range with some nice foundations, but that’s a separate story.

The Face2 Pro Concealer comes in a screw top container and has three colours: yellow, and a fair and, a medium concealer all on one wheel, which is handy.  If you have never used yellow concealer before they are great for concealing those purple/blue under eye dark circles and can add warmth to the skin in general if buffed on lightly with a duo fibre brush or stipple brush.  The combination of the other two colours are useful for concealing spots that have their own profile, you know the ones that feel like you’re growing a second face!

At first look Face2 Pro Concealer reminds me a little of the MAC Studio Concealers but this product is a lot nicer as it has a creamier texture and is not as drying as the MAC Studio concealers, which I find can be a bit concrete like.   That might suit some, but for me personally I find the MAC ones can sit heavily in wrinkles and lines – oh the joy of aging!  The Face2 Pro Concealer is an effective concealer in that it covers well and stays in place.  There is no particular smell so that’s a plus.

Face2 Pro Palette Concealer

back of container

Like all palette/pot style products you need a palette knife or spatula to take the product out, dipping a brush in to use it to conceal spots and then dipping the brush back in is just too gross for words!  Please scoop it out gals!

The Swatches

Swatches lightly blended in

Priced at €23 it’s reasonable value given the size of it, the only down side is availability, as you can only get it at MUFE on Clarendon Street, in Dublin 2, which means a trek into town to buy it.  I’m happy I have it but I’m not sure if it’s worth the journey to replace it?


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2 responses to “Face2 Pro Concealer Review

  1. simone

    September 21, 2011 at 9:31 am

    Hey just wondering about suggestions for concealers for red skin? Vichy Dermablend did the most brilliant one for covering blemishes, wine port stains rosacea. Now of course they’ve stopped, only doing the actual foundation…wich is very drying. Any suggestions much appreciated.

    • themakeupgal

      September 21, 2011 at 1:04 pm

      Hi Simone, It’s such a shame when a product you like goes out of production or off sale! Usually to cover mild redness I would use a green concealer as they are at the opposite ends of the colour wheel and therefore neutralise each other. There are lots of brands that do a green colour corrector cream/concealer e.g. Make Up For Ever do both a cream and a HD microperfecting primer in Green, Smashbox photo finish primer in green or at the other end of the budget there’s L’Oreal Studio range and Boots No. 7 also have a green concealer, undoubtedly there are more, but these are ones I have used. That said, these are probably only suited for mild redness or blemishes, for port wine stains or rosacea you might look at La Roche Posay Toleriant compact foundation, available in a lot of pharmacy’s e.g. Sam McCauleys for about 22. Or you might investigate Veil cover cream, which is serious stuff, available on line, but you can order a sample pack to try out before committing. Best of luck. x


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