TheBalm Plump Your Pucker Lip Gloss Review

02 Sep

I recently went on a makeup course with MUFE and got myself some goodies, namely a face2 concealer and a lip-gloss from TheBalm.  I’m usually rubbish at buying lip-gloss, I tend to look at them in the store but just can’t muster up the enthusiasm to make a purchase, but Plump your Pucker lip-gloss by TheBalm spoke to me!

Formulated with a special combination of menthol and vitamin C’, they are supposed to ‘increase circulation to the lips and reduce the look of fine lines.  A special ingredient, Maxi-lip, works cumulatively to hydrate lips, making them look fuller.’  Now that’s a mouth full and I’m not exactly 100% sure what all that means.  But this lip-gloss is one of those tingly ones that feels weirdly lovely when you first put it on, which I guess makes your lips feel bigger.  I’m not totally convinced it makes my lips look any bigger but it does make me pout more, so maybe it does work?

Available in about 10 – 11 shades, I bought cherry my cola, which initially I thought related to the colour, and maybe it does, but this lip gloss tastes of Cherry Cola, or cola cubes (if you’re old enough to remember them) and is kind of yummy.  Retail price €11, not being a big purchaser of lip gloss I don’t know it that’s good value or not!  It has an old school lip-gloss wand, but really I prefer a lip-gloss in a tube as it’s more hygienic, but I can cope with taking some off the wand on to the back of my hand and applying it with a lip brush instead.

As with all lip glosses, it swatches much darker with greater depth of colour than you end up with on your smacker.  The lip shot below doesn’t really do it justice, it is a bit darker than this but nothing like the swatch. It wears well, keeps your lips hydrated for hours and doesn’t feel tacky or sticky (my usual grip with lip gloss).

Swatch v What it's like on (the photo's a bit washed out on the lip shot, it is a bit darker than that!)

This is the first time I’ve bought anything from TheBalm range of products and I’m keen to have a go on others. That said, quite a lot of the product in the range seem to be in those hinged cardboard boxes which I’m not a fan of, they always look battered to bits when you see them on a makeup stand, all creased and bashed, they don’t stand up well to man handling or should that be woman handling??

TheBalm, if you haven’t come across them before, retails in Ireland in Arnotts, Make Up Forever, and some A-wear stores.  The packaging design has a look of Benefit but visually is a lot more busy and hectic.  Personally, I think there’s just too much going on with the packaging that makes it very overwhelming when it’s all on a stand together, makes me feel like I’m heading into migraine country.   But if you can handle the visual ‘noise’ I reckon they are worth a closer look.

You can also buy TheBalm on line at the beauty booth  (delivery is £2.50 (for the 1st item) + £1.00 for each additional item) must add I’ve never bought from the beauty booth, they are just a site I came across on a search for TheBalm. have free delivery, but again I’ve never bought from them so I can’t recommend them. CD WOW also carry a small range and have free delivery.

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