Inglot Eye Shadow Review

24 Aug

I finally succumbed to the lure of Inglot recently when I was on the look out for some new mauve/pink eye shadows.  I went in with the intention of getting maybe 4 or 5 shadows but walked out with 10 of them!  They are €5 for a round 1.4g pan, which is a lot cheaper than €9 for a 1.5g round pan in MAC.  The range in Inglot is broad and it’s easy to get a bit carried away.  So I got a few mauves to compliment some MAC ones I have and I also got some golds (seriously I have to stop with the golds I think I’m addicted to them?) and some grey blues.

If you’re familiar with Inglot then you know you can also get square pans for €6 (I don’t like the shape personally) and you can get them put into various sized palettes.  I prefer to buy the pans and drop them into other palettes I own.  Note that these pans are not magnetized so will fall out of a MAC palette, but I have a little tip for that one (how to fit an Inglot eyeshadow into a MAC palette).

These aren’t bad but I find some of them very hit and miss in terms of colour pay off, a problem you just don’t get with MAC.  I also had a pretty negative experience in that I was charged €14 for an item I didn’t purchase.  My receipt showed a charge of €14 for a powder refill that I didn’t buy and most certainly didn’t get.  The SA was trying to serve two of us at the one time!  Unfortunately I didn’t check the receipt until I left the store and was back in my car, at that stage it was too late to go back and complain!!  Grrr…*mad*!

Enough moaning and let’s get to the good stuff.  The Golds are great and wear really well, they are not too shimmery, they have enough of a gleam to make you feel glam, great for nights out.  Bit miffed at the photo of the swatch I just couldn’t get a photo to show how more rose gold ‘Pearl 406’ is compared to ‘Pearl 404’ which is more of a traditional yellow gold.  My firm favourite is 406, it’s easier to wear.  I wear them both in an Autumn golden eye shadow look I did.

Next up the mauve/plum colours I originally went in to buy:

The mauve/plum colours swatched great in the store (obviously…other wise I wouldn’t have bought them) but they weren’t so hot when I got them home.  Maybe the missing ingredient in what I bought was germ infested greasy sweaty fingers being dipped into them? Ha-ha!    By the way, I’m not colour blind, I’m aware of the fact that the last one on the right D.S. 502 is not a plum it’s a greyish colour.  Pearl 452 is quite nice on, it has a very slight shimmer, pearl 399 is okay as a high light but it’s not great on me, as I don’t wear shimmer too well.  AMC 75 is a complete disappointment, I swear if it had swatched like that in the store, it wouldn’t have made it’s way into my shopping bag.  That said I did use it recently for a pink and gold eyeshadow look.  But I reckon you can never have enough eyeshadow and, sure as chips is chips, it will be perfect one day!

On to the blue greys: I have to say I hate the way these looked in close up swatch, for some reason it got completely washed out looking, seriously they were so bad looking they’d have put anyone off buying them, so in fairness to Inglot I couldn’t do that, so here they are in the full line up of what I bought they are the last 3 on the right hand side.

Click on image to make bigger but seriously my skin looks grey towards the right!! Next stop - photography classes!

My absolute favourite of the colours I got is ACM Shine 47, it’s so much more blue than it looks in the pan and it’s fabulous as an eyeliner and makes for a dramatic lower lash liner.  The other two colours are grand but nothing to write home about, they’re just good solid grey eye shadows.

Overall, I find Ingot eye shadows a bit hit and miss but when they get it right they are well worth €5 price tag.

You might also be interested in how to get an Inglot eye shadow to ‘fit’ into a MAC palette.

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One response to “Inglot Eye Shadow Review

  1. Nadia

    March 12, 2012 at 2:41 pm

    Hi -thanks for the review-was sure I was losing my mind but glad you think they are a bit hit and miss also.I find their concealer creams also a bit of a miss-creamy like butter so they move around whether you set them or not.grrrrrr!what do you think?Not great for a pro kit 😦


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