A Weighty Issue?

14 Aug

There once was a tubby duckling!!!

I wouldn’t ordinarily talk about weight related issues but I felt compelled to after having read some frankly mad articles in the ‘Femail’ section of the Daily Mail on line.  I usually love reading ‘Femail’ it’s great for catching up with all the celebrity gossip and beauty news, but this week I found it downright irritating.

There’s nothing new about reporting on celebrity waist lines go up and down, or should that be in and out, but some of the stories this week would melt your brain!

My snap shot from this week’s stories is that it’s bad to be overweight, no sorry make that a ‘form of torture’, how dare you be ‘normal’, and in case you didn’t know it, if you have tried to loose weight and failed then you are a liar of sorts???

The Torture: ‘It was a form of torture!’ Jessica Chastain on gaining 15 pounds to play Marilyn Monroe look-a-like.

(Read the full article here)  I’m sorry wasn’t Marilyn Monroe one of the sexiest women in the world?  Ah boo hoo Jessica, I’m sure you got paid shed loads of money to gain 15 pounds, seriously my heart bleeds for you!  Get over it!  It puts me in mind of that awful advert for CLA Booster by Pharmanord, where there’s a girl shopping for clothes, obviously none of them fit her because she throws them in disgust at the SA who gives her a filthy look for having the nerve to try and stuff her sweaty pudding of a body into the stores fashionable clothes.   Oh but wait, it’s okay, the poor cow was only having a bad dream and wakes up slim with a stupid smug smile on her face.

Being Normal: Kim K blithely unconcerned about her weight!  Ya what now??


Now I don’t think there is a man alive that doesn’t think that Kim K is smoking hot, but apparently she’s a bit blaize about her weight?  What??

The head line read: What wedding weight worries? Kim Kardashian orders fast food with less than two weeks to go until her big day.

Then some of the comments in the captions read more like veiled snide remarks: ‘The E! star appears to know the secret to staying skinny if she’s unconcerned about eating pizza less than two weeks before her wedding’  Now to me that reads like ‘good on you porky, get your snout into that trough of grub and never mind you’re getting married’  This whole article just annoyed me and makes me want to swear the air blue!!!

Kim is fabulous, her body is rockin’ with curves that look too hot to handle.   (Read the full article here)

Liars: If you’ve tried to loose weight and failed, then you’re a liar, according to super slim Mila Kunis!

Black Swan - no tubby duckling here!

This story annoyed me more than anything else I read.  Mila Kunis lost 20lbs, she really didn’t need to loose, for her role in Black Swan and said people who say they can’t loose weight are lying.  I feel for Kunis to come out and say something like this promotes and applauds unnecessary weight loss and sends out such a bad and dangerous message to the young and impressionable.  (Read the full article here)

Look we all know that it’s bad for your health to carry too much weight and we’d all love to be the perfect shape and weight, and we try our best but we’re only human.  Perhaps I could do it like Kunis if I was paid a heap of money, maybe I lack sufficient motivation??  Ah stuff it, I’m off for a chocolate brownie and a cuppa!!

Rant officially over…

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