What Next? Foetuses Wearing Lipstick?

06 Aug

Thylane Lene-Rose Blondeau Aged 10

Yet more advertising controversy!!   But no air brushing required this time as the models in question range from around the ages of 5 to 10 years old.

The controversy surrounds the images of Thylane Lene-Rose Blondeau (aged 10) that featured in Tom Ford Edited edition of French Vogue at the start of 2011.  The concept for the feature appears to be one of little girls playing dress up, but it gets well and truly lost behind the tonnes of expertly applied makeup, the well accessorized and coordinated outfits, and the overtly flirty poses of some of the young girls.  High class fodder for kiddy fiddlers!  Good grief!!

These images appeared in the December/January edition of Vogue Paris and raised some controversy at the time, so why is it back in the news again?   The cynical side of me thinks that it could be resurrected as Thylane Lene-Rose Blondeau’s mother or agent is probably trying to get the child an acting career or break her into America?  Just a thought!  There were other children also featured in the spread, although not posed in such a provocative way, but no one is talking about them.  The other images are more innocent but I still find it all a bit disgusting. 

I don’t understand the need to use children in these adverts, it doesn’t lend anything to the product, it doesn’t demonstrate it use, or highlight any product benefits.  So why do it? Well, perhaps for shock value or more likely to make you stop and stare.  Magazines are competitive landscapes of glamorous gorgeous model after the next and it can all get a bit samey so is it alright to do anything to arrest your attention?  I don’t think so.   Sure kids are often used to advertise products aimed at adults, you know show how safe your car is by strapping a toddler into the back seat, and driving up and down a mountain side, or use roller skating babies to target mums or baby obsessed women into buying your bottled water.

I must say I am surprised at Vogue, even taking the inappropriate poses out of it, it is all a bit toddlers and tiaras for me and not in the least bit glamorous, aspirational, or attractive.  And it sure as heck wouldn’t make me want to touch, own or purchase a Tom Ford product.  In a word – Awful!

Here are the rest of the shots I came across from the spead.

What do you think? Too much???

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