Super Drug MUA Lipstick Review

05 Aug

I love a bit of lippy and was when I saw the super cheap range of MUA (Make Up Academy) lipsticks available at Super Drug, I had to get them. There are 13 shades in the range, none of them have names they are listed by number 1 to 13.  I paid €1.05 for each one, so with 13 in the range that’s a super reasonable €13.65. Sure you’d have to buy them all for that price, even just to play with. They are slightly smaller at 3.8g than the standard lipstick size of 4g.

The pigments are okay.  The range of colours is good, with only one or two really dodgy ones, I’m not sure where or when you would wear shade 4 or 5, perhaps handy to have for fancy dress? Some of them are slightly shimmery, notably 5, 10 and 12.    My favourite shade is 11, I wear it a lot during the day, it doesn’t look much in the swatch but there’s a hint of coral in it that is quite natural looking when on.

These are nice soft and creamy lipsticks, In terms of longevity, I get about 3 hours out it before it needs reapplication but then again I’m not much of a ‘lip licker’ or ‘face toucher’ so I tend to get longer out of product that some people I know. In fact at times they feel more like a heavily coloured lipgloss.

The packaging is very hit and miss, one or two of them don’t turn up properly, exposing only half of the bullet of lipstick, so check them before you buy them, I just grabbed one of each colour like some sort of crazed lipstick junky.

I hate the way the label with the shade number is on the lid, which means if you take the lid off a few of them at one time, it ends up a bit of a guessing game trying to replace the lids.

Goss makeup artist of youtube fame claims that the bottom section has a corresponding lipgloss in it.  I can only manage to get the bottom ‘lid’ off two of them.  I have tried everything to get them off, including almost cracking a tooth trying to bit it off (I know, I’m a savage!!).

Here’s a swatch of the contents of the lower ‘lid’ beside the actual lipstick.  I’m not sure what is in the bottom lid, but I don’t think it is lipgloss?

Overall, these are cheap and cheerful, and for €1.05 are great value but they really exist in the realm of ‘so what if I loose it’!  They are the type of lipstick you’d shove into your jeans pocket heading out the door with out caring if it melted.  Not sure that’s a good thing??

The range of product from MUA including eyeshadows, lipglosses, nail varnishes, etc are all €1.05/ €1.20.   I reckon if they had been available to me when I was a teenage, I’d have been all over these like a rash.

Worth mentioning, as Super Drugs own brand these products are not tested on animals.


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2 responses to “Super Drug MUA Lipstick Review

  1. Simone

    August 5, 2011 at 8:49 am

    definitely worth giving them a go – especially at those prices. i don’t think i’d buy all of them but there are some shades that look lip-worthy!

    • themakeupgal

      August 5, 2011 at 10:38 am

      @Simone, to buy all of them is a bit much alright, you’d probably never get around to using the half of them!! 🙂 The whole MUA range is worth checking out. I didn’t mention it above, but I also bought a brown mascara for €1.05 which is perfectly fine for day time wear (sometimes black can be a bit harsh on me for day time). It’s a great little value range of products. x


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