Angelina Jolie Au Naturel? What A Bare Face Lie!

04 Aug

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Following on from the recent controversy of the Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington airbrushed campaigns.  I was reminded of an article I read in a magazine at the hair dressers back in June, that featured Angeline Jolie ‘wearing no makeup’ in the Louis Vuitton campaign shot in Cambodia.  Looking at the photo staring back at me and I completely dismissed it as pure madness, and thought the author was deluded to say the least, but reckoned that they were probably only reporting on a press release rather than offering their own opinion. So I put it to the back of my mind.  But I’ve read it again since in the Malay Mail and had to have a closer look for myself.

So off I went on the hunt for an ‘au naturel’ shot of Angelina.  I have got to say it’s really difficult to find a picture of Angelina without any makeup she’s usually sporting a large pair of sunglasses making it difficult to really see her face, she also does a really good line in natural looking makeup too, but I struggled to find a shot of her without makeup. There are very few images of Angelina looking rough, I guess that’s why she’s considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.  I had begun to think, ah now come on you’re just being a jealous mare, face it she’s just stunningly beautiful, and looks fantastic with out makeup on.  But just as I had almost resigned myself to the frustratingly annoying fact that it must be true she was wearing no makeup I came across the 10 minute video of the ‘LV journey’ featuring Angelina, at 9:01 there is footage of Angelina being shot for the LV campaign.   The video is also on the Louis Vuitton website.

So is she wearing makeup?  Yes! And yes it’s stunning and amazingly beautiful in a completely understated way.  Is it Au Naturel?  No!  Lets not forget that Au Naturel means nude or in a natural state.   I think it is complete nonsense to say that she’s not wearing makeup or to even say she’s au naturel.   She totally is wearing makeup, and anyone who says she is not, in my opinion is a bare faced liar – end of!  Now can we all get back to reality please?

By the way, she apparently also wore her own clothes (not sure why that seems to be news worthy but there you go!!) and that’s her own LV bag in the shot, ah poor Angelina, given she’s donating her fee to charity you’d think Louis would have thrown another handbag her way for her trouble!!

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