3 Aldi Bargain Dressing Table Essentials

27 Jul

Aldi 3 ply super soft facial tissues €0.85

Yesterday I did a review of Aldi’s LACURA Concealer Pen, (great little product), so I thought that I would also share what my favourite and must have other Aldi beauty buys are.   First up, a box of three ply facial tissues (60 tissues per box) for only €0.85.  The tissues are a lovely quality, they are soft and feel luxurious being three ply.  The boxes are pretty and come in a range of different patterns and designs that look attractive on your dressing table, the green and pink patterns are my favourite. At only €0.85 a box, that’s fantastic value to my mind.

Next up, an constant essential for me, Lacura cotton buds, a must have for mascara mishap clean ups, or used slightly damp as a smudger.  I particularly love using them for scooping cream products out of tubs in the absence of a spatula, anything is better than dunking fingers into product or double dipping with a brush (pet hate!). Sometimes they can be a little bit fibrous but for €0.45 for a box of 100, I can live with that.

Lacura 100 x cotton buds €0.45

Last and by no means least, Lacura cotton wool.  They come as a twin pack and you get 200 circular pads for €1.29.  One side has a quilted pattern which is for cream based products, the reverse, smoother side, is ideal for nail varnish remover and toners. they are stitched around the edges and are a fabulous quality.

Lacura twin pack Cotton Wool (200) €1.29

Textured and smooth reverse side of Lacura Cotton Wool Pads

Go get all three; 200 x cotton wool pads, 100 x cotton buds, and a box of 60 x 3ply facial tissues all for the outstanding price of €2.59, sure you wouldn’t get a skinny latte for that!


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2 responses to “3 Aldi Bargain Dressing Table Essentials

  1. Emma Farrell

    July 28, 2011 at 8:33 am

    Wow! That is cheap! How did you find the quality of the cotton pads though? I find some cheaper brands can be quite rough and not very soft…

    • themakeupgal

      July 28, 2011 at 9:38 am

      @Emma, I know what you mean about some cheap brands, I’ve often gotten weird hard bits in some cheap brands, but I’ve been using the Lacura ones from Aldi for about a year now and have always found them to be of a good quality and nice and soft and excellent value to boot!!


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