Cruelty Free Foundation – MAC Studio Sculpt

16 Jul

Mac Studio Sculpt foundationsSince writing about animal testing for cosmetics I have been trying to find more cruelty free makeup both for person and professional use, I delved into my makeup kit and came out with MAC Studio Sculpt, one of a frankly ridiculous amount of foundations I own.  MAC are listed on the USA PETA site as not being tested on animals but aren’t on the UK site, I can only imagine that this might because MAC products are made across the world, in Italy, France, Japan, etc. and perhaps the products made in the USA by MAC are not tested on animals.  I can’t get a clear picture on this, this is just my estimation, if you know for sure, let me know.  Anyway MAC Studio Sculpt is made in the USA so I reckon I’m safe from a cruelty free perspective.  While I have this product in my kit it’s not one that I have worn too often.  So I thought I’d revisit it and do a bit of a review.

Understanding MAC Foundation Codes: Just a quick note on NC and NW codes used by MAC for those of you who are unfamiliar with them, NC is Neutral Cool and is for skin with yellow undertones and NW is Neutral Warm and is for skin with pink undertones.  

MAC NC20 and NW20 swatched and compairedThe majority of people suit an NC rather than an NW in my opinion.  I was recommended NW20 by a MAC sales assistant the first time I bought this product, what a disaster!!  But I really didn’t know better at the time!!! I think the girls in MAC are really lovely, they are all very helpful, good natured and sweet, but I do wonder if some of the them should be tested for colour blindness ;-).

For the sake of comparison, see picture of NC20 and NW20 swatches and how they look when blended in, you can see the pink tones in the NW20.  As it happens neither of these are good matches for me, although NC is a better tone on my skin in reality I am more of an NC15.  See image below, NC15 is an almost perfect match for my skin particularly in winter time, but could use NC20 if I was wearing fake tan.

As one would expect MAC have a vast range of colour options, but take your time picking what is the right shade for you.  Retail price €29 (I think, I really need to start keeping receipts!).

This foundation produces a really nice dewy finish, which I personally really love, and the coverage is fantastic, it covers blemishes well and evens out skin tone.

The smell is a bit odd, but I quite like it.  It doesn’t have the greatest staying power, and on me requires touching up during the day, although to be fair I think that might have more to do with me and my combination skin.

On the serious down side,, I wore this foundation for a few days in a row and ended up with large angry itchy lumps along my jaw line, that have only now gone away about a week later. I don’t think that it’s suitable for my oily combination skin, that said I tend to be sensitive to MAC foundations, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when I broke out in lumps.

This product has so many fantastic qualities but I would avoid it if you have oily skin or react badly to MAC foundations.

So back on the hunt for me for my holy grail of cruelty free foundation!  Have you found a great cruelty free foundation you would recommend?


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2 responses to “Cruelty Free Foundation – MAC Studio Sculpt

  1. Simone G

    July 17, 2011 at 6:53 am

    Hey, great post. I’m also trying to keep on top of this and become for conscious of the brands I use. For foundation specifically, I love Elf, Caudalie, Bobbi Brown and Face Atelier, as they are all cruelty free. I’ve also started using GOSH Cosmetics recently as their X-Ceptional Wear Makeup is pretty decent. x

  2. themakeupgal

    July 17, 2011 at 11:52 am

    Thanks for that Simone G, I didn’t know Bobbi Brown were cruelty free, that’s really good to know. And I’ll defo have to check out GOSH X-Ceptional Wear Makeup. Thanks for sharing. x BTW I really like your site and your posts.


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