Get Your Free Wrinkle Reader!

15 Jun

I am a bit of a sucker for advertising especially if it’s giving me something for nothing.   Garnier have now come up with a ‘Wrinkle Reader’, and to test the ‘Wrinkle Reader’ they are also offering packs of 14 Garnier Ultra Lift samples when you register for the ultra lift challenge in Ireland or in the UK

So what’s a Wrinkle Reader?  It’s a bit like the colour chart dentists have to match your tooth colour, only this has images of crows feet

  1. Match your crow’s feet wrinkles (if you have them) to the closest image and note it down.  Note that some of them are really quite deep looking, so if you’re only a young one this isn’t for you.
  2. Apply UltraLift day everyday.
  3. Take note of your progress on the chart.
  4. Once you have finished charting your progress, you revert back to garnier with your results to be in with a chance to win a luxury pampering treatment (they don’t mention what it is) but there are five available to win every day.

Even if you just want to test out your current anti wrinkle/firming cream you can print off a free ‘Wrinkle Reader’ and chart its effectiveness.

I’ve just ordered my free samples and I’m looking forward to giving it a go, and will post my results here when I’m finished to let you know how I get on, wrinkles and all!!!

To get your free 14 day trial pack and ‘Wrinkle Reader’ go to Garnier Ultra Lift Challenge ROI or UK

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