Already Sleepless Nights for Lily?

12 Jun

Lily Allen, now four months pregnant kept it really simple on the makeup front for her wedding on Saturday 11th June to Sam Cooper, but I think she looked tired and those bags under her eyes would suggest that she is perhaps retaining fluid, probably related to her new pregnancy (poor Lily, I’m sure we all wish her the best for this pregnancy).  But I’m not sure that even Clarins Beauty Flash Balm or YSL Touche Eclat could have helped her here!

I use to think that all you needed to wake up looking fresh was a good nights sleep, limit the salt intake and drink lots of water, bit of eye cream etc. but apparently that’s only part of it.  Aside from the obvious reasons for eye bags like; age, medical conditions, genetic pre-disposition etc. how we lie when we sleep plays a part too.

Lying on your back can encourage fluid to collect and accumulate beneath the eyes and veins dilate making the lower lids look quite dark and puffy.  Then sleeping on your side must be better?  Well yes and no.

Sleeping on your side can cause wrinkles on your cheeks over time, not to mention chest and cleavage wrinkles, and sleeping on your front can cause wrinkles on your forehead.

So sleeping on your back is probably the best position in terms of wrinkle prevention, but oh what about those puffy eye bags?  Maybe a bit of tossing and turning is in order? Oh I could be up all night pondering this one!

Perhaps you could try a mulberry silk pillowcase from Silk Perfect, which promises not only younger looking skin but smoother hair too?  Prices range from £22 to £30.  They also sell a pure silk eye mask (£14) to help prevent premature ageing around the eyes.   I haven’t a clue if these products work or not as I have never tried them, but it looks fascinating!

Take note all you lovely gals planning your wedding: in the weeks running up to your big day, aside from making sure you are getting plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water, getting some exercise and limiting your salt intake to help prevent fluid retention, whip that silk shirt out of the wardrobe (you know the one you’re too afraid to wear in case you sweat in it!!) cover a pillow case with it, and try ensure you sleep one third of the night on your back, a third on your side and a third on your front to ensure an all round even wrinkle distribution 😉  x


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4 responses to “Already Sleepless Nights for Lily?

  1. Ruth Hirsch

    June 12, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    Ha ha I love it…rotisserie style sleeping!!

    Lily didn’t look her usual pretty self at all on her wedding day which is a bit odd alright.

    BTW loving your blog and your story 🙂

    • themakeupgal

      June 12, 2011 at 5:32 pm

      Hey Ruth ‘rotisserie style sleeping’ wish I thought of that line – that’s pure class!! 🙂 Ah poor Lily, you’re right she usually does look prettier on a regular day basis. x

  2. Boo

    June 13, 2011 at 12:58 am

    Haha I think il sleep standing up but id prob end up with wrinkly toes oh lord il never sleep again haha 🙂 I’ve heard bout this pillow wrinkle thing before but in all honesty my mam is 54 has no wrinkles from pillows yet haha 🙂 but I thought the same bout lily she I thought she looked pretty awful really her hair n make up and the dress didn’t suit her usually lovely self 🙂 xxxx bookmarked ur blog to btw 🙂

    • themakeupgal

      June 13, 2011 at 9:42 am

      Hi Boo, I promised myself I would keep this blog to makeup and makeup related things only, so I shouldn’t really comment on Lily’s dress, but…. holy cow it looked like something my gran would put on a dining table for ‘sunday best’. Between the veil and the dress there was just far too much fabric for her small frame 🙂 x


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