Super Impressed by Maybelline Super Stay 24H

08 Jun

If you want an in expensive, good coverage, long-wear, oil free, light feeling foundation that doesn’t settle into crease or fine lines with SPF 19 then maybe Maybelline Super Stay 24H with micro-flex stretch formula, non transfer, 24 hour makeup is the foundation for you.  Maybelline Super Stay comes in a pump which is wonderful but the bottle is nothing to look at.  This is not a foundation you would put out on your bathroom shelf to impress your mates, but don’t be deceived by it’s less than pretty looks, this is a great product.

Maybelline:            ‘Flexible, breathable all day comfort’

Me:                         This really doesn’t feel like a long-wear foundation as it’s quite light in texture and it feels equally light on your skin.  The flexible side of this product is where it really shines in my opinion.  It doesn’t sit into fine lines or creases, it seems to move with your skin!! When I wear a long-wear foundation (e.g. Estee Lauder DoubleWear or Revlon Colour Stay – two of my favourites) on my face I find they sit in creases around my eyes – at 40 yrs old this is a concern. 

So I usually have to wear a lighter foundation around my eyes e.g. MUFE Face and Body.  Not only does Maybelline Super Stay 24H not sit in crease around my eyes, it also improves the appearance of the skin around my eyes – fabulous!

Maybelline:             ‘Resists heat and humidity’

Me:                         I wore this to a small, hot and stuffy comedy club in Dublin City Centre last night and over the four hours I was there I could feel myself getting a bit sweaty (charming!!) but when I checked my makeup in the bathroom it was still absolutely perfect.

Maybelline:             ‘Sweat Resistant’

Me:                        I am unfortunate in that I sweat through my head first when I get overly warm, which makes finding the right foundation a bit of a quest! But Maybelline Super Stay 24H, remains true despite my ladylike persiration!

Maybelline:            ‘Non transfer won’t rub off’

Me:                         Well that depends on how rough you are.  If you rub hard then of course some of it will come off. I know if you brush against it then it won’t come off.  If you rub your nose it won’t come off.  But if you are a serial ‘face toucher’, constantly rubbing your face/nose/forehead then I really couldn’t say how non transfer resistant it would be for you.

Maybelline:            ‘Oil Free – doesn’t clog pores’

Me:                        I have been wearing Maybelline Super Stay 24H on and off for about a week and I haven’t experienced any negative effects.  No mad spots or angry lumps that MAC studio fix gives me, no white heads that I get from Giogio Armani foundation.

Maybelline:            ‘Up to 24 hour wear’

Me:                        I haven’t managed to wear this for a full 24 hours, I don’t live that kind of party life style, but I’ve worn it for around 15 hours and it held up remarkably well and looked fresh even when I didn’t feel that way myself!

Cost:                     €13.49 for 30ml

Colour Options:  Maybelline Super Stay 24H comes in 8 shades: Sand, Light Beige, Ivory, Cameo, Nude Beige, Fawn, Saune Beige, Cocoa.

I wish there were more colour options.  I bought and wore Ivory, which is a little dark for me unless I have some fake tan on my chest.   But the next lightest colour ‘light beige’ seemed a bit pinkish for me and the lightest shade ‘Sand’ was a little light in colour for me, so I might have to mix Sand and Ivory to get the perfect shade for me naturally.

SPF: It also has SPF 19, which a lot of long wear foundations don’t.

Application:  I found that using a makeup sponge was the best application method.  I didn’t like it applied with a foundation brush, it didn’t blend very well with the brush.  Alternatively you could use your fingers.

I reckon if you were heading to a music festival this summer then this is a perfect little inexpensive foundation that should get you though from day to night with no need for touch ups.

This Gal was super impressed with Maybelline Super Stay.  Love it!!

On the serious down side: Maybelline is a company that is listed as testing on animals.  Such a shame!


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