Heather Graham aka Sleeping Beauty

07 Jun

Heather Graham of The Hangover II looks amazing at 41!!  Truly stunning, so what is her secret?  Well she’s reported as saying 11 to 12 hours sleep a night, (interview –, a beauty tip she shares with Penelope Cruz who can snooze her way to beauty on 15 hours sleep a day!!!

Wow I don’t think cats sleep that much!  As my mum would say ‘you’re a long time dead’ – morbid I know, but the point is we are here to enjoy and experience life, not spend it in a comatose state.   So does Heather have any other beauty secrets under her night cap for those of us who live in the real world.

Well it seems Heather is always being asked for her beauty secrets and has over the last few years quoted Yoga and lots of water as a beauty tip (interview –, and The Body Shop Nighttime Nourishing Cream ( interview –

So I’m off to drink a gallon of water, get out the yoga mat – I might do ‘corpse’, slaver on some body shop nighttime nourishing cream, get back into bed and set the alarm clock for sometime tomorrow afternoon!!

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