Pip Pippa Hooray More Black Eyeliner!

04 Jun

I’ve already had a go at Kate Middletons wedding eye makeup before (I think I’m the only one who seems to think she got it wrong – but hey hoy I guess that’s what makes the world an interesting place!)  and I had kind of hoped that the thick black eyeliner look was just something for the royal wedding but no, Pippa Middleton, sister to the lovely Kate was photographed at The French Open this week sporting the same eye makeup!

Let’s be honest the sisters Middleton, blessed as they were with good looks, they have small deep set eyes which put me in mind of Sarah Jessica Parker.  I think they are all members of the ‘lets draw black circles around our eyes’ brigade.

But I think they could learn something from looking at images of SJP, particularly ones that art designers have photoshopped, they tend to have a good eye for what looks best.

In the trio image of SPJ, one shows her at an awards show and the other two have had the bejesus photoshopped out of them, but look at the eye makeup.  I think the image in the middle, without heavy eyeliner on the lower lid and with the eyeliner going from thin at the inner corners to thicker at the outer corners of the upper lid, not only open up the eye and makes it look wider but her entire face looks more open.

And even if Pippa and Kate continue to wear the dark heavy eyeliner, then they should use some mascara on the upper and lower lashes to stop the harsh eyeliner line from looking so artificially and Charlie Chaplin like!

The world is a diverse place and we all have our own ideas and thoughts on what’s right and what’s wrong and what looks good and what looks awful, so I hear you ask what would I do with Pippa if I got my hands on her?

Eye Brows: Her heavy low eyebrows should be shaped to help open up her eyes and give her a more wide awake look.  The addition of a very small amount of highlighter/illuminator along the outer brow bone would further open out her eyes, making them appear wider set and more almond shaped.

Eye Shadow: It’s hard to see what eyeshadow Pippa wears, she has quite deep set eyes and it’s all so dark, which is making her eyes look smaller as a dark shadow will make eyes look recessed, a lighter one will bring them forward. Think of what your rear-end looks like in black jeans versus white jeans lol!!!.  A lighter shade of eye shadow applied across the lid, with a deeper tone placed at the outer third of the eyelid will create more width than a solid dark colour will.

Eyeliner: Eyeliner should be placed along the top lash line, starting with a thinner line at the corners and gradually getting thicker towards the outer corners, this will help create a more almond shaped eye.

Mascara: Her eyelashes are not really that visible, I think Pippa needs to curl her lashes and go for a mascara that builds length and volume with more emphasis on the outer portion of her eye lashes to lift the lashes and create a more almond shaped eye, she could do worse than take a trip down to her local boots and pick up a pack of L’Oreal’s Architect 4D mascara.  A light sweep of mascara on her bottom lashes would also help to soften that harsh freezer marker/sharpie look.

I don’t want to sound like I’m having a pop at the Middletons makeup style, but it really disappoints me when I see two beautiful young ladies doing something I think does them a disservice.


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2 responses to “Pip Pippa Hooray More Black Eyeliner!

  1. Anne

    December 3, 2011 at 1:23 am

    Ergh, I agree. They have good taste but their makeup is a little “crude”. They would look way better with the techniques you described.

  2. Five

    March 5, 2012 at 9:39 am

    …and i’m probably the only guy who was thinking the same!


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