Maybe it’s Maybelline or Maybe it Smells Funny?

03 Jun

I’m in a bit of pickle with this lipstick, I want to like it but I’m not sure?

Here’s my thinking:

On the plus side: 

  1. I love the colour, and the range is quite broad with several shades of Pinks, plums, reds, nudes, and pearl colours. Check them out online at
  2. The Colour staying power is good and lasts for hours without wearing off in a funny way – you know how sometimes longwearing lipsticks after a few hours can make you look like a 4 year old that just eaten an ice pop (that’s popsicle to our American sisters – I think?).  Well no danger of that here.
  3. I like the see through coloured plastic holder – quite pretty.

On the negative side:

  1. It smells absolutely awful!!!  It smells like the putty used to install the glass in wooden framed windows (showing my age here!!), or the smell you get on your hands if you have been fiddling with an elastic band.  It’s terrible, and worse still is the fact that it’s right under your nose all day long!!
  2. The texture is really really tacky.  I can’t stop pressing my lips together?
  3. Looks a little dry on.
  4. The packaging is cheap.  But my real problem has more to do with the fact that the store I bought it in, like most stores, put cellotape around the base to keep it securely closed, which I do appreciate, at least it means I get a fresh unopened lippie, but when I took the cellotape off, half the mock silver on the base also came off, so now it looks a bit old and dingy!  Not Maybellines fault per se.

On the positive side of the negatives:

  1. Three of the four negatives can be negated by putting a nice smelling clear lipgloss over the lipstick, but I still don’t think it’s not enough to make me go out and buy any of their other shades.

Retails at €10.49 in Ireland but I bought it as part of a 3 for 2 offer.


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