Did I Miss the Day 2 Night Rimmel London Bus?

03 Jun

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Okay so I seem to be on a bit of a Mascara journey at the moment, but I can’t help it every magazine I open seems to be offering a new technology or innovation to make my eyelashes flutter perfect!!  This time I was hooked in by Rimmel Glam’eyes Day 2 Night mascara with a 2 in 1 magic cap.  I love the packaging and the concept, being an ex marketer I love a new clever idea, but I think perhaps that’s all this is?

It’s intriguing when you first open both this product, I really wanted to play with it!  The magic cap is kind of cool, basically it works like this: The volume brush and wand takes up a lot of mascara, which allows you to apply quite a thick coating which I guess creates volume – it looks like a regular brush and wand but if you look closely is actually encased in a ‘sleeve’ so when you pull out the other brush – the length brush – it is actually being pulled through the ‘sleeve’ and taking off a lot of the product, in effect the ‘length’ wand is being pulled through a smaller hole therefore cleaning the brush of a lot of product.  This lesser amount of product is what allows you to create length.

Actual insides: 1 brush

BTW: There are not 2 brushes! I’ve seen lots of photos of this product that show 2 brushes – see photo for what it looks like when you take it apart!

To be honest, and take a look for yourself in the photo attached (I have no other makeup on, I really wanted to share how it looked raw without the distraction of eyeshadow etc to make it look better!)  I really didn’t think that there was a lot of difference between the length produced by both caps wands, the only difference was the thickness or volume and that was a marginal difference not dramatically different lash looks as promised by Rimmel (see below ‘Rimmel Say’)

As a mascara it’s fine, I only paid €5.95 (I think it was on offer, can’t remember I bought so many other items at the time!) I’m just glad it didn’t cost me any more because it’s not worth it in my opinion.  It’s the type of product that I might take it on holidays, only because I won’t mind if I loose it or leave it behind.

Perhaps I’m doing it wrong?  But this just feels gimmicky and the type of product that young girls will buy in their droves (I know I would have back in the day), but I think I missed the Rimmel London Bus on this one ‘cos I just don’t get it!  The only saving grace in my mind is that it was so cheap – what was I expecting – well maybe lashes that were up to 15 their normal thickness??

Rimmel Say: Rimmel introduces Glam’Eyes Day-2-Night, our first mascara that creates two dramatically different lash looks with just one brush. The secret is the magic double cap! During the day, choose the Length Cap for ultra-long, gorgeously defined lashes – perfect for those flirtatious encounters by the photocopier. And for night time, choose the Volume Cap, and plump your lashes to up to 15 times their normal thickness, leaving them voluptuously lush-looking and ready to party.

Not sure this Gal believes them??

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