Maybelline XXL Pro Mascara Review – An Oldie But A Goodie!

02 Jun

I was contemplating buying Model Co. Fiber Lash, but having looked at some of the mixed reviews, I came to the conclusion that I just couldn’t warrant paying €30 for it.   On top of that, given the fact that mascara should be discarded after 3 – 6 months, I find it very difficult to pay big bucks for the stuff!  So I’m always looking for a good reasonably priced mascara that won’t have me in tears when I have to chuck it!

In my hunt for something more sensibly priced, I came across a product I haven’t used in years and was surprised but delighted to see that it still exists; Maybelline XXL Pro Volume & Length Microfibre mascara.  This stuff is great!  It really does lengthen lashes but I don’t think it really thickens my lashes. 

Maybelline XXL pro versus Loreal 4D architect mascaraThat said I do like the fact that Maybelline XXL Pro does produce more natural looking eyelashes that look like they are naturally long and have had a light coating of mascara and not a big heavy load.  The attached photo (sorry about the quality!) compares Maybelline XXL (on right)  to L’Oreal’s new 4D architect mascara (on left).  I have no other makeup on and I didn’t use an eyelash curler, I also have pretty short lashes see my L’Oreal 4D mascara v no mascara image in my post review on L’Oreal 4D Mascara if you don’t believe me!  I think the results speak for themselves.

Application: Similar to Model Co Fiber Lash, Maybelline XXL Pro applies in 2 steps:

  • Step 1: apply the white micro-fiber basecoat
  • follow up immediately with step 2 – DON’T allow it to dry
  • Step 2: apply the topcoat to produce thicker looking lashes

This product is safe for contact lens users, and is also available in a waterproof formula.  I reckon it is probably every bit as good as some of its more expensive counterparts and your eyes won’t water at the price tag either – €12.99.

You might like to know, that sadly, Maybelline test on animals 😦

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3 responses to “Maybelline XXL Pro Mascara Review – An Oldie But A Goodie!

  1. cornflakegirl

    September 6, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    I’ve never tried this mascara but it sounds and looks great.

    • themakeupgal

      September 6, 2011 at 10:03 pm

      Hi Cornflakegirl, it’s quite versatile stuff in that you can use the white end to add length and follow up with your own preferred volume mascara, I’ve used with it Maybelline Colossal waterproof mascara in the past with great effect. x


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