Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning Review

02 Jun

Clarins instant smooth self tanningI am a serious pale face and really benefit from a bit of self tanner – I mean only a bit, I’m not talking Snooki here!!  But just enough to take me from transparent blue- white to looking more like a regular healthy member of the human race!

In one application of Clarins instant smooth self tanning on day one I was really happy with the result, I looked lightly tanned and if I say so myself a bit glowy too!!  So I thought I would see what a second day application would be like?  Lets just say that I looked like my head and chest had been on holidays but the rest of me stayed at home but not so bad that I felt house bound!

This is pretty strong stuff, and if you’re very light skinned then you’ll reach your desired colour pretty quickly (like in 1 – 2 days) and then you will only need to put it on every 2 or 3 days after that.  It’s a decent sized pot, so it should last ages.

As with all face tanning products, watch your eyebrows!  My advice; take a cotton bud and run it through your eyebrows at the end to remove any residue product.

The texture is beautiful, it feels very moisturising and goes on like a dream, it also acts as a good primer for your makeup, but make sure you allow the product to dry in for about 5 first before putting on any makeup.  But take note it doesn’t have any SPF in it.

On the down side, it smells awful in the pot, like a lot of other self tanners – so don’t sniff it out of the pot, but it’s not too bad when you actually apply it.  However I think the lads at Clarins must have a strange sense of smell to describe it as ‘deliciously fragranced’.  This Gal disagrees, but I’ll happily put up with the smell as I think this is a wonderful product.  It’s a perfect mixture of self tanner and makeup primer in one; it produces a natural looking tanned glow to the face while smoothing your complexion and minimizing the appearance of pores.

The one thing I don’t like about, apart from the initial smell, is that it comes in a pot, I would prefer a pump.  So I have to use a spatula to remove the product – I’m not a fingers in the product type of Gal!  Got to keep the bacteria out of your product.

Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning is so much better than some other gradual tanning produts I’ve used from Nivea or L’Oreal which never worked on me and a lot lighter and more natural looking than St. Tropez, Sun Shimmer, St.Moritz, Sublime Bronze, Fake Bake etc. (yep I’ve tried a few!!).

Clarins instant smooth self tanning (for face and décolletage) retails at €25

This is an absolute must for the summer if you’re a non tanning pale face like this Gal!

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