Bridal Makeup Essentials

01 Jun
essental primers and illuminators for bridal makeup

Primers & Illuminators

No matter what look you go for, and no matter how much makeup you usually wear, what brand you like, if you are on a budget or not; there are some essentials items you should have for your wedding day makeup that will help your makeup stay in place, the following are just some of my suggestions, I’m not saying they are any better than others, just my thoughts:

Illuminator: Try Clarins Beauty Flash Balm or Clarins Instant light complexion perfector to eliminate signs of tiredness and refresh your complexion (I recall getting very little sleep the night before my wedding, I has hyper!)

Primer: it’s a long day and you want your makeup to last so a good primer from either Smashbox photo finish, Makeup Forever HD primer, Laura Mercier foundation primer or Clarins Perfecting Touch for example will be your best friend!  Good branded primers range in price from €22 to €30 and are worth every penny in my view. 

Long Wear Foundation: This is a must if you want your foundation to last you all day and into the night!  Try Estee Lauder Double Wear or Double Wear light, or Makeup Forever HD foundation.   Or if you are on a budget, Revlon ColourStay is very similar although the colour range is a bit limited.

Long Wear Foundation

Waterproof Eyeliner:  Try Makeup Forever Aqua Liner,  if you want to try a cheaper brand, Rimmel also have a range of waterproof eyeliners for €5.25, consider using perfect plum, it’s an aubergine-brown, really lovely for wedding makeup as it’s not harsh looking.

Waterproof Mascara: I’m not going to recommend a brand, just make sure your mascara is waterproof.  Even if you are not a crier you will want your mascara to stay on your eyelashes and not melt on to your face as the day wears on.  I also wouldn’t recommend wearing false lashes on the day, if you feel mascara alone is not enough and need the extra volume then go for eyelash extensions instead.

Long Wear Lippie:  Irrespective of the brand you use the fact of the matter is that this is the one area of your makeup you will end up touching up during the day, unless you like the long wear versions, personally I don’t I find them all a bit drying.  So go for what ever lipstick brand you prefer, and know that how you apply it will make a difference:  apply lip liner and fill in lips, apply lipstick on top using a lip brush and lightly blot, then with a soft fluffy eye makeup brush gently apply a tiny amount of translucent powder to your lips to help seal in the colour.  Then apply another coat of lipstick on top and blot again.  For the perfect pout, apply lip gloss to the centre of both upper and lower lips.

Makeup Setting Sprays

Makeup Setting Spray:  A truly great product! Makeup setting sprays really help the skin feel fresher and makes your makeup last that bit longer.  It’s also a wonderful way to refresh your makeup throughout the day and stop it feeling too heavy.  You could try All Nighter from Urban Decay or MAC Fix or if you are feeling creative you could make your own makeup setting spray.


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