1970’s Makeup Inspiration

30 May
Farrah Fawcett 1970's beauty icon

Farrah Fawcett

Well it seems that the 1970’s glamour isn’t going to be leaving us any time soon, so if you’re diggin’ the 70’s vibe (sorry couldn’t help myself) then don’t forget about your makeup.  How about taking some inspiration from the beauty icons of the day namely; Farrah Fawcett, Alli McGraw, and Jerry Hall.

Okay so maybe forget about some of the hairdo’s!

How to get the look:

To really relive the 70’s look ala Farrah Fawcett a peachy coral based lipstick and blush colour are essential, all of which are very on trend at the moment.  For blush, I like MAC Tenderling, and ELF Mineral Blush powder ‘Bliss’, layered on top of each other.  For lippy, well I’m in a bit of a thrifty mood so I’m liking Superdrugs MUA shade 7 and 11 mixed together.  I really don’t like shade 7 on it’s own it just too peachy for my complexion but would be lovely on someone who had darker skin.

Jerry Hall

Keep the eyeshadow neutral with brown/black eye liner for day time but pump it up for a glamorous night-time look ala Jerry Hall and get creative with green, grey and gold eyeshadow.  It’s a very full on look.  Not just one element is highlighted – it’s all going on!  Buy by keeping the shade of lipstick and blush in the same colour family, of corals it works, it would look awful with pink lipstick as there would be just too many colours fighting for your attention.

Well defined cheek bones was where it was at.  A sculpted face demonstrates more power and strength yet retains femininity.  You can use highlighters and lighter powders to create the sculpted look, I like to use Makeup Forever sculpting kit.

Ali McGraw

If you are more of an out-doors type of gal or want to keep it clean for holidays, then for the freshness of the outdoor loving California 70’s look you could take inspiration from Ali McGraw’s clean almost androgenous look, which wouldn’t look out of place on the today’s catwalks: heavy brow, light on the mascara (it will happen Gals!!) and a coral based lipgloss.

If you dare to bare, let your freckles shine through by using a tinted moisturiser in place of foundation.



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