Someone Tell January It’s Not Halloween Until October!

27 May

January Jones: X-Men First Class Premiere

The usually gorgeous and heavily pregnant January Jones of Ad-Men fame turned up at the X-Men Premier with radiant skin, and glowing cheeks, pregnancy is obviously suiting her, I thought the choice of both blush and lipstick were perfect for her colouring.  But the eyeshadow – oh my me – it’s not Halloween January!  Don’t get me wrong I like the colour combination very ‘surfer’ and on-trend, mixing aquatic colours, blue and green, and January has a nice shade of grey blue eyes that carry these colours well but what was she thinking putting that much dark shadow on the inner corners of her eyes?  I don’t get it, she’s so beautiful and has good proportions to her face, why would you want to make your eyes look closer together??  I just couldn’t help myself, I decided to photoshop her eye makeup. 

Click on the dual image attached and look at it in a larger size.  Now forgive my inelegant skills, it’s not a pro job by any stretch of the imagination, but you get the idea.  Aside from the fact that I personally think the eye makeup is a bit trashy for a pregnant woman, I think she still could have worn those pretty colours on her eyes but she would have looked better without bringing it in so close to her nose.  I think it makes her look a bit cross-eyed! Or Is it just me??

Fancy having a go yourself?  January reportedly wore NARS Cap Ferrat Trio Eyeshadow from the NARS Summer 2011 collection and retails for €42.Image of January Jones heavy eye makeup before and after


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