Hey There Doll Face!

27 May

L'Oreal Youth Code image from print advertismentI don’t mind a bit of air brushing in a photograph if someone is trying to sell me perfume, a watch, a handbag or an album or whatever, I get it, people look better when airbrushed (even the most beautiful women in the world need airbrushing – apparantly!!) but, when it comes to promoting skin care products it really annoys me.  There I was curled up on the sofa with the June copy of Marie Claire on my lap and cup of tea in one hand, all settled in for a good old read, when  about 30 pages in I was struck by the images of a flawless plastized face looking back at me, telling me ‘I too can look like them if only I had their product’.  Creams and serums that promise reversal of the ageing process; as they put, their product ‘reawakens skin to reveal radiant looking skin, smoother feeling skin and younger looking skin.  That’s right YOUNGER looking skin!  Now to my mind if that were true, even half true, then cosmetic plastic surgery for beauty sake would be defunct.   No one would need plastic surgery nor would they put their bodies through the trauma of surgery if all it took to look younger was some cream slapped on twice daily, give me a break! Close up of plastic doll face

Look, I love my creams and lotions and potions, I wouldn’t be without them (definetly on the top of my list of items to take to a dessert island – just in case the natives are fine things!!)  I love the ritual of removing my makeup at the end of a day and massaging creams into my face, to me it’s a very important part of my day, it’s a bit of quiet ‘me time’, and while I don’t believe they can reverse the march of time on my face, I do believe they can hold back the tide for a while.  Phew! Needed to get that rant out!!!

Anyway it struck me that the image staring back at me looked awfully like another image I had seen recently of a doll – what do you think? Do you believe it’s a genuine photograph or have L’Oreal gone too far on the airbrushing?

PS: The image attached is not from Marie Claire, it’s from the L’Oreal Paris website, but take my word for it, it’s the same face.

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