Summer Foundations – pt 2: Daniel Sandler Mineral Water Based Foundation

24 May

Daniel Sandler mineral water based foundation: Now I thought that I might be onto a real winner with Daniel Sandler Mineral Water Based Foundation, liking the idea of mineral foundation but not being a bit fan of mineral powder foundation.  I’d read such great stuff about Daniel Sandler, and I love his watercolour blush, I was naturally excited to try out this product.

What the product offers: WATERBASE tinted moisturiser and concealer, packed with skin nourishing ingredients, transforming skin with a radiant finish without suffocating skin and clogging pores. Simply reveal your true beauty. Used on its own, WATERBASE acts as a tinted moisturiser to warm up skin but when mixed with the Concealer it transforms into a cooler shade of Foundation. WATERBASE provides adaptable coverage, from sheer to full, depending on how much concealer you mix with it, yet always results in a dewy, weightless finish. The concealer when used on its own covers up dark circles and blemishes without leaving panda eyes.

It comes in three colours (Fair, Medium, and Dark) and costs €32 for a 25ml bottle.  The built in concealer and mirror, which is located in the lid of the product is very nifty.  The concealer is really really lovely, very creamy and covers like a dream only down side, and it really annoyed me, was that the closing mechanism for the lid of the concealer broke the second time I opened it.  Grr!! Man I hate cheap packaging!!  The foundation bottle has a spatula in the lid for scooping it out, I prefer a pump as it’s far more hygenic so not a big fan of that.

I bought Fair, which looks very oompa loompa in the bottle, I nearly fainted when I saw how orangey it looked in the bottle, but it looks a lot lighter when you put it on, as the formula is quite light, but I still found it a bit too orangey for me as a tinted moisturiser, so I mixed it with the concealer as recommended and did find a better skin tone mix.  Keep your fingers and bacteria out of the concealer Gals and use a clean spatula or orange stick to scoop some out and mix it with the foundation on a palette.  I doubt there’s enough concealer supplied to match the quantity of foundation in the bottle for me which is a shame! Personally I think it’s over priced for what it is and how little you get for your money.

Anyway I wore it for a day just to see how it would wear.  I should say that I used a little moisturiser with an SPF and a mattifier product before applying this foundation/concealer mix.  It looked great in the morning and for the first few hours but it started to look a bit shiney as the day wore on but nothing too horrendous, I’m going to suggest that this is what they meant by a ‘dewy’ finish  On the plus side it does feel lightweight and fresh on my skin.  And because the concealer is so good and a perfect match you can get away with light to medium coverage.  There’s no mention of SPF anywhere on this product or on it’s information, so make sure you use a primer or moisturiser that has SPF.

Or if you dare to bear this summer then don’t forget the sunscreen Gals!

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