Lock Up Your Lippie Ladies!

19 May

So Steven Gerard, Jenson Button and Jonny Wilkinson have all worn makeup applied by Gary Cockerill, Makeup Artist and GBF to Jordan, according to The Sun Newspaper 18th May 2011.  Steven Gerard apparently wore some for his wedding but in what context Button and Wilkinson have worn makeup, I don’t know, they didn’t say.  And apparently Gary Cockerill is developing a line of men’s makeup.  I don’t know about you but I know the last thing I want when I kiss my husband is to be worrying about his shade of lipstick mixing with mine!  Or have him say ‘oh be careful not to smudge my lippie’  – what?!?  No I just can’t see it.  My man is not the macho, hairy chest, full of bravado, sporty fan, he’s more of an intellectual, science geek, mixed with the enthusiasm of a young red setter, who does the bins, cleans drains and kills spiders for me and he baulks at the idea of mankup (my word for man makeup)! 

Of all the men I know, I can think of maybe, and I mean maybe, just one who might do it but he’s gay and I suspect he wears fake tan anyway!  I also know some other gay men who just wouldn’t wear makeup so please don’t think I am suggesting all gay men would slap on the slap.  I’d love to see Gary Cockerill’s business plan and in particular the definition of his target market?

Anyway, all that aside, the male ego usually results in even the most average looking man thinking he is an Adonis, gorgeous and virile, so I ask you what man is going to feel he needs mankup? I swear who ever can bottle the male ego and sell it to women, will destroy the cosmetic industry but will be a very rich individual!!

The fact is that we are genetically predisposed to be attracted to strong men, hunters, the type of man who brings home the bacon, can take care of us women folk and provide protection to our families. Not someone who spends 2 hours in the bathroom getting ready to go out and sulks when they get a zit!!  Guys if you want to look more attractive to women, hit the gym not the makeup counters.

In the words of Joan Rivers Fashion Police – ‘Make it Stop’


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