Shiny Happy People?

18 May

So I suffer a bit with some shine control issues (I’m always harping on about it!!!) and apparantly even the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow is not immune as she was photographed in New York in April this year at Good Housekeeping’s ‘Shine On’ awards – hilarious!!. There’s really no excuse, the majority of brands carry blotting sheets e.g. Bobbi Brown, MAC, Estee Lauder, Clinique etc.. and they range in price from about €4 to €8 or there abouts. I’m loving ELF (eyes lips face) professional shine eraser sheets, 50 sheets for €1.70, but stock up on other products as the delivery fee is about €4.50.  have some nice mineral blushers and their Hi-Def finishing powder is worth a look, a dupe for Makeup Forever Hi-Def powder – but that’s a different story!

So there you are on a night out and you’ve been dancing your booty off, flirting wildly thinking you look the bomb and you head into the bathroom to ‘freshen up’ and catch sight of your super shiny face smiling back at you!  Eep!  Please please don’t panic and dive into your hand bag and grab out the compact and start bashing that shine into submission with your favourite powder brush.  You’re just going to end up looking a hot mess with powder caked all over your face!!  At a time like this you need to reach for some blotting paper!!!  I’ll admit that I feel a bit daft using these in public, so if you’re shy I guess you could use them in the toilet cubicle, you don’t need a mirror as precision is not an issue (ignore the banging on the door telling you to hurry up, you were there first!!).  Just place a piece of the blotting paper on an area of your face, press gently and remove and just watch as the sheet turns transparent taking all that oil off, leaving your face oil free and ready for a light dusting of your compact powder keeping you looking fresh and radiant!

Do blotting sheets really work?  In a word Yes!

I love a good blotting paper for managing shine, but I’ve heard recently that blotting your face with one of those ordinary, disposable, paper toilet seat covers works to remove the oil but leave your makeup in tact. The paper is said to be both sanitary and highly absorbent, but oh the horror – you don’t know what germs are flying about in a bathroom!!   But I guess there’s no excuse for being that shiny anymore!  Excuse me while I nip to the ladies!!


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