L’Oreal True Match Foundation; A Love-Hate Relationship

18 May

Much as I love high-end brands, and let’s face it who doesn’t crave the good stuff, but sometimes a gal just wants to find a good bargain, you know a bit of a find or something cheap and cheerful!!!  In terms of foundation I thought L’Oreal True Match might be the one for me!  I know, I know it’s been around forever!!  But at €12.99 I had to give it a go.  I must say the range of colours is fantastic, I don’t think I’ve ever found such a perfect colour match for my own skin, it’s so natural looking I just loved it, but I hate how it wears. L’Oreal claim that it’s ‘Super-blendable’ – can’t fault it there, it also claims to blend ‘without caking or tide marks’; well I’d have to say that’s half right, there’s no evidence of tide marks (which you shouldn’t have if you have selected the perfect true match to start with – no excuses there’s 12 colours to choose from!) but in terms of caking, I think it settles into any dryness, sits solidly into any large pores one might have and slides off any oily areas!!  It says that it adapts to your skin colour and texture, yeah well in my opinion if your skin texture is less than perfect, then guess what, you end up with less than perfect results!  I have a slightly oily T-zone, usually tamed by a mattifier, but I also on occasion get some slightly dry patches on my cheeks (very weather sensitive!!).

As I said I love the colour match but I can’t get this product to look good for anything more than about an hour, then it all starts to go all over the shop!!  Which is as close to a shop as it’s going to get as I can’t return it!  Ho hum!!  As my mum would say ‘buy cheap -pay twice’.


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